Thursday, 29 December 2016

K.Shevil Top 30 albums 2016.

Dream Death - "Dissemination"
Darkthrone - "Arctic Thunder"
Ketzer -"Starless"
Discharge - "End Of Days"
Soulburn - "Earthless Pagan Spirit"
Heavydeath - "In Circles We Die"
Martyrdöd - "List"
Cauchemar - "Chapelle Ardente"
Minotaur Head - "Minotaur Head"
Serpent - "Trinity"
BAT - "Wings of Chains"
Gehennah - "Too Loud To live, Too Drunk To Die"
Church Of Misery - "And Then There Were None"
Vanhelgd - "Temple Of Phobos"
Sacred Steel - "Heavy Metal Sacrifice"
Head Of The Demon - "Sathanas Trismegisto"
The Temple - "Forevermourn"
Ursut - "Köp Dig Lycklig"
Age Of Woe - "An Ill Wind Blowing"
Asphyx -"Incoming Death"
Halshug - "Sort Sind"
Ringworm "Snake Church"
Gatecreeper - "Sonoran Depravation"
Victims - "Sirens"
Dark Funeral -"Where Shadows Forever Reign"
Abigail - "The Final Damnation"
偏執症者 (PARANOID) - "Satyagraha"
Spirit Adrift - "Chained To Oblivion"
Naevus - "Heavy Burden"
Diavolus - "You Lived Now Die"

Dream Death - Nothing Ever Will:

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