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Sküll interview - Brutal Norwegian Death Crust!

WHERE ARE THEY FROM: Trondheim, Norway
FOR FANS OF: Skitsystem, Master, Extreme Noise Terror
LATEST RELEASE: "Demo 2012" (self released)
WEBSITE:- .Website

In recent years more bands have emerged onto the extreme music scene
playing a brutal heavy mixture of old school death metal and crust
punk or what some people and some of the bands themselves are calling
"Death Crust". Sküll who hail from Trondheim in Northern Norway are
one of the latest bands playing in this style who have obliterated my
ears and who are just as influenced by bands like Extreme Noise Terror
and Skitsystem as they are by old school death/grind bands such as
Master and Repulsion and that hybrid of influences is showcased
perfectly on excellent their 2012 Demo which should appeal equally to
the crust punks and old school death/grind heads out there! I sent vocalist Leif some questions:- 

Hi, please give me a background history on the band and introduce the members?
  The band consist of: Me (Leif) on vocals, Christian on guitar, Trond on guitar and Tomas on drums. Basically what happened was that Christian wanted to play crust and asked me to join in on vocals. Tomas also wanted to play crust and Trond wanted to play death metal. So we started a grindband. Since we don't make grind music we eventually became a crusty death metal-act.

I came across you guys via another bands website after they posted
about you, up until then you were a completely unknown entity to me
but I must say I was fucking blown away by the song I heard which was
a track from your demo, please tell the readers about your debut demo
and the music contained on it in your own words - what can they

Thank you very much for the kind words!
Excpect early swedish death metal mixed with some grind and a helthy dose of crust. The production is raw, but not to the extenct where you can't tell the instruments from eachother.

Do you have plans to do another demo or maybes an album in the near
future? Have you written much new material since you recorded the
debut demo? if so will the music continue in the same vein?

We've already written four new songs, but since we're all busy with fifty other projects it's hard to find the time to rehearse. With the first demo we only rehearsed six times before we recorded it, so I bet we'll have a new demo or 7" by late summer or early fall. We got our own studio so if we feel like it we can just record an album whenever we want. For free!! The new songs will be faster and heavier and better than anything that ever come from Norway.

How can people get hold of the debut demo? What has the overall
response from people been like to your demo/music so far, have you got
much of a response from people outside of Norway?

The response been overwhelming. People from all over the world have contacted us just to tell us how great the music is, and downloaded the demo from bandcamp. Many have also uploaded it on their blogs and they're talking about it on russian message boards and shit. I've never used google translate this much in my entire life. The reviews have been very positive and we're eager to see how people will react to our new stuff.
People can order the demo from Prostata Records. We only printed 80 copies so people ought to be quick if they want it on tape.
It's free, and always will be, to download from our bandcamp-site. 

Has this demo attracted any label interest yet? Or maybes you have
already worked out a deal with a label for the next release?

Currently we're on our own. We released the demo on Prostata, which is a great label, and if they want to release our next album that'd be awesome, but it costs a lot of money release an album and he's only one guy running it.
There was one label that wanted to release a 7", but I havent heard from them in three months so I guess the deal is off. If there is any label out there that is interested in releasing our stuff you can reach us by our bandcamp-site.

You describe your music as "brutal death/crust" I would say that is a
perfect description and you perfectly blend both genres together, what
bands shape and influence the sound of Sküll? Which bands really
inspired you guys to pick up instruments, get together in a rehearsal
place and start playing such a style/mixture of music?

Why the band name?

We're from Trondheim. We're not the most innovative people in the world. We like skulls and we like umlauts. I guess that's about it.

Lyrically where do you draw inspiration from to put pen to paper?
Please tell us about some subjects your lyrics deal with?

I've got a radio at home that is fine-tuned to the worlds suffering. I just write whatever it speaks. Mainly it speaks of angst, alcohol abuse and suffering.

You are from Trondheim, please tell us about your hometown and also
the local scene up there..are there many places to play, which other
local bands would you recommend to the readers out there? Would you
say your local extreme music scene is healthy? What is your opinion on
the Norwegian extreme music scene in general? Any bands you feel a
bond or affinity with?

It's a boring little town in the middle of Norway. The winters extremely cold and the summer's rainy, but there's a lot of places to play and a lot of good musicians.
The scene is good at the moment. With a lot of new interesting bands. Just check out; Victimised, Mørkt Kapittel, Katechon, One Tail One Head, Sexy Police, Mare, Mabuse, Kaos SS, Sunswitch, Yodok, Laserguys and Hellstorm.

How active is Sküll on the live front? do you play live much locally
or elsewhere in Norway...have you ventured outside of your home
country to play any shows yet? What can people expect from a Sküll
live show?!

It's hard to find time to play, but we're all really interested in seeing how far we can take this band. We've played three shows altogether (last one with Cannibal Corpse) and we've heard rumours about playing with a big band in Trondheim in Semptember. We'd love to do shows outside Trondheim and Norway. If anyone is interested in setting up a show feel free to contact us.

Describe the band in 5 words only!

Raw, talented, brutal, intelligent and rocking!
Who are some of your vocal influences/ fave growlers? Which vocalists
made you want to start doing such vocals in a band?

I'm not sure. Noone ever made me wanne be in a band, but I do appreciate the work of Apollyon of Aura Noir and Dean Jones of Extreme Noise Terror.

There seems to be quite a few bands in recent years appearing playing
"death crust" and mixing up strong old school death metal influences
with Crust/D beat Punk - which other bands have you heard who play in
a similar style to yourselves? Any that you could recommend to people
who like the music of Sküll?. Why do you think there is more bands
coming out playing a mix of death metal and crust punk? It seems to be
a growing subgenre in a subgenre!

I can't say I can remember the names of bands that play similar to us. I know there's a lot of bands mixing black metal, thrash, death with crust. Which is really cool. I love the sound of black metal and I love the angstridden doomy feeling crust brings. Death brings a lot of energy into the mix and it seems to blend well with crust.
I think there are many talented punks and metalheads who feel as much at home with Bathory as with Amebix and Skitsystem and people tend to make music similar to what they like. That's propabky the biggest reason for the surge in this kind of music.

What is your opinion on the worldwide old school death metal scene and
also the worldwide crust scene in general? What bands have caught your
attention in recent times from both scenes?

There's a shitload of good bands out there to be discovered. I'd say it's really alive and kicking the shit out of the new technichal, melodic, triggered shit-music that pretends to death. Crust is crust. It will always be there.
The new material too Summon The Crows is kicking and I really enjoy Filth Of Mankind. Other good bands are Warcollapse, Hellshock, Obliteration, Execration, Diskord, Martyrdöd and Police Batard.

What other bands are members currently involved with? What other bands
have members been involved with in the past that you would like to
tell the readers about

Christian: Katechon, Kaos SS, Hellstorm, Laserguys
Leif Ottar: Victimised, Katechon, Kaos SS.
Tomas: Yodok, Doffs Poi, Sunswitch
Trond: Sunswitch, Cadillac, El Doom & The Born Electric

What are the plans for rest of 2012 - what do you currently have in
the pipeline? Where do you want to take the band in the coming

We're planning to release a 7", besides that we're not sure what the rest of the year brings. Hopefully we'll play some festivals and weekend-shows next year, since touring seems like an impossibility with this gang. But never say never. We'd love to do a tour of Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Antarctica etcetc...

Thanks for answering my small interview please plug available merch
and also let people know where they can hear music/check out more info
on the band.

No merch, but the tape. Visit this pages to keep up with us and to listen to some tunes., and


Tusen takk! Cheers!!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


I have heard so much GREAT music this year and gotten hold of so many great albums, demos and some E.P.s /split tracks here are some of my standouts for 2012!

TOP 30 Albums (In no particular order - THEY ALL RULE!!):-

Acephalix - Deathless Master (Southern Lord)
Struck By Lightning - True Predation (Translation Loss Recordings)
Wolfbrigade- Damned (Southern Lord)
Martyrdöd- Paranoia (Southern Lord)
Derketa - In Death We Meet (self released)
Anguish -Through The Archdemons Head (Dark Descent)
Bombs of Hades -The Serpent's Redemption (Pulverised Records)
Okkultokrati - Snakereigns ( Fysisk Format)
Degial -Death's Striking Wings (Sepulchral Voice)
Infernoh -War Tjard (D takt och Rå Punk)
Dead In The Woods -The Sign of The Son of Man (Viral Age)
Putrefaction -Blood Cult (Underground Movement)
Tragedy -Darker Days Ahead (Feral Ward)
Master-  The New Elite (Pulverised Records)
Chapel -Satans Rock 'n' Roll (Hells Headbangers)
Black Breath -Sentenced to Life (Southern Lord)
Nuclear Death Terror -Chaos Reigns (Southern Lord)
Tormentor - Violent World (Iron Shield Records)
Ursut -Dårarnas Paradis (La Familia))

Lazarus Blackstar - Hymns For The Cursed (Undergroove)
Forward- War Nuke and Death Sentence (HG Fact)
Faustcoven - Hellfire and Funeral Bells (Nuclear War Now!)
Usurpress -Trenches of The Netherworld( Selfmade God Records)

Jess and The Ancient Ones -S/T (Svart Records)
Grave- Endless Procession Of Souls (Century Media) - true return to old school Grave form!
Orange Goblin - A Eulogy For The Damned (Candlelight Records)
Witchsorrow -God Curse Us (Rise Above Records)
Grand Supreme Blood Court - Bow Down Before The Blood Court (Century Media Records)
Morgion - God Of Death And Disease (Dark Descent Records)
Hooded Menace - Effigies Of Evil (Relapse Records)

EPS / Split E.P. stuff

Deviated Instinct - Liberty Crawls to the Sanctuary of Slaves.... EP (Profane Existence)
Hellkrusher - various split tracks


SaturninE (Ita) -Demo 
Occultist (USA) - demo
Sküll(Nor) -demo
Mabuse (Nor) -Stench of Death demo
Necrot (USA) -demo (Blood Divine)
Lawless (USA) -Nite of The Wolf demo (Blood Divine)
Into Darkness (Ita) - Demo

Quite a few Southern Lord releases in that list but that label has been releasing so much great crust-d beat-HCPunk stuff in recent times...the current roster is the best the label has ever had in my opinion.

I am bound to have forgot some great albums but can't mention them or remember them all at this moment in time!

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I recently did a very indepth interview for a blog site called "Puro Ruido" based in Argentina, South America, this interview was posted up in Spanish on the blog so I have decided to repost it online via this blog and the Winds Of Genocide blogspot page for all of you non Spanish speakers out there. This version of the interview is the original version. Questions by Manel.

Spanish version can be found via this link:-

"If you like styles like Crust and Death Metal in the vein of bands like Bolt Thrower, Autopsy and Cianide, more in the line of Celtic Frost, then you have to meet Winds of Genocide. And if you know Winds Of Genocide, then you have to know who is Kat Shevil, or Kat Gillham, a singer who owns a voice so powerful and disturbing, besides being a woman lucid, friendly and an amazing personality. And, last but not least, is an example of what it means to be free, what it feels sure of yourself and what it is to have what it takes to be and do what you want to be and do. With you, the Great Kat Shevil. 

PR: Hi Kat, how are you? How is everything over there?"

Kat: Hey Manel! Things are Ok over here thanks, it is getting fucking cold, I love this time of year/weather - a lot of people hate it and stay indoors a lot but it is my favourite time of year to go walking when it's quiet and it's cold!.

PR: What have been doing lately Winds Of Genocide? This year released two splits, right? Have been playing outside the UK?

Kat: We have appeared on a couple of split releases recently, the most well known/prominent on being with Japanese blackthrash ragers ABIGAIL which was unleashed upon the scene by Witchhammer Productions (Thailand) in the early summer on CD, the other one is a 4 way split tape co-released by a couple D.I.Y. Crust/Punk labels based in Jakarta, Indonesia which also featured Diskelma from Finland, Satellite from Indonesia and First Blood also from Indonesia. Cool looking releases both of them!

No shows outside of the UK....yet! We have only played one show this year, a local show on the 10th of November at a small club here in Durham City with a few other local metal/punk bands, that was our first show in 14 months, first show with new drummer Matt, and our only show of 2012, it was a blast though, great crowd and we played a good energetic set! We also played 6 songs for the first time live that night including a few we have written for the debut full length album which will be recorded/released next year (2013). We have turned down quite a few gigs this year due to wanting to focus on writing material for the album...but I hope we will get some opportunities to play some cool shows both outside of the UK and within the UK in 2013!.

PR: The split with Abigail is a limited edition of 1000 copies. In the event that all copies are sold, will reissue? How are sales of both splits, with Abigail and Apokalyptik Horror In The Sound of War?

Kat: As far as I am aware the CD version will just be limited to 1000 copies. But for the vinyl collecting maniacs out there the split Hill be re-released on 12" vinyl sometime in 2013 via Doomentia Records in the Czech Republic which is great! Both ourselves and Yasuyuki from Abigail are very happy and excited about that, the cover art for the split (done by SICKNESS666) is just perfect for 12" vinyl! I am not sure how many copies of the split has been sold, we have sold quite a few of the copies we got sent from Jerasak at Witchhammer. The split tape is VERY limited, no more than 100 copies were made as far as I am aware.

Also a pro tape version of our "The Arrival Of Apokalyptic Armageddon" E.P. was released in a limited run of 100 copies by Doombringer Records in Indonesia (who also collaborated on the 4 way split tape with Brigade Records). That is a very cool looking little tape release too - those Indonesian punks are VERY Passionate and do a great job with such releases! APOKALYPTIC HAILS to the D.I.Y. Jakarta/Bandung Crust Punks! Fucking Maniacs!!.

PR: I think the best definition of what the music of WOG is, gave it the Metal Maniacs: "Imagine if Cianide and Discharge had a child." A fabulous definition. Nevertheless, it must be said, Winds Of Genocide is more than a mix between these bands. think Winds Of Genocide have both as Death Crust, but also find things of Hellhammer / Celtic Frost, Thrash, Bathory, Hardcore Punk in a Poison Idea, and to Crust /Grind in style Extreme Noise Terror. How and when did the idea of creating something so powerful and raw as you do? knew in advance that the mixture of influences and personalities would make the group sound like that brutal?

Kat: Ahh yes that first description you mentioned was coined by Mike Abominator who writes for Metal Maniacs over in the U.S.A. -Love that guy! He is a die hard metal punk maniac and has been a great supporter of Winds Of Genocide since the beginning, I was more chuffed than a Kam Lee wipeout with how he described our music! haha! And you have hit the nail on the head with your description and list of bands Manel! We are definetly just as much influenced by the old school Swedish death metal and stuff like early Bolt Thrower and old black/thrash metal such as Hellhammer/Frost/early Bathory as we are by HC Punk like Poison Idea, Severed Head Of State etc and the Scandinavian käng-crust-dbeat stuff and old UK crust punk like ENT, Doom, Amebix, Disgust amongst other things...
I would say the first time the idea to form such a band mixing such
styles together was around late 2005 but I guess the real concrete
vision and musical concept wasn't finalised in my head until early
2006 - I knew way in advance before any music was written how I wanted this band to sound, basically just a good varied mix of death metal and Crust - D beat - HC punk although it has slightly evolved and taken in some other influences along the way but that stuff is the main basis and core of our sound, Myself and Glynn (guitar) shared the same musical vision and we both wanted the band to sound a certain way and just mix up some music styles that we love, once we found Linus (formerly drums, now 2nd guitar) to join us in our quest to make some music who also shared both a love for death metal and crust/käng punk everything fell into place VERY QUICKLY and it was quite effortless to come up with the first batch of songs that perfectly captured our initial musican vision and we have continued to gain momentum and refine and hone our style and genre-bending throughout the past few years.

 I personally wanted our music to appeal just as much to the crust punks as it would to the death/thrash/black metalheads out there and so far that has worked out exactly as I had hoped - we seem to have a lot of crossover appeal to both scenes and that's great! Most of us in the band have grew up listening to both HC-Crust-Punk aswell as various forms of extreme metal and have always gone to punk shows aswell as metal shows (thesedays I much prefer going to smaller crust/punk gigs than big metal shows though). We are quite a quirky bunch of individuals with very strong and sometimes fucked up dysfunctional moody personalities so I guess that contributes to our sound aswell as fucked up equipment, misanthropic mood swings, more alcohol than is probablys good for you and a want and love of  playing FUCKING RAW AND BRUTAL AS FUCK!!!

PR: You, together with World Burns To Death, have given form to a new way of doing Crust: so called Apocalyptic Crust or Apocalyptic Death Crust. Do you feel comfortable with this tag? What is for you the Apocalyptic Death Crust?

Kat: Well thankyou for the compliment! A few bands have used the term "Apocalyptic Crust" in the past before us and before we even existed although I do believe I was one of the first people to start really throwing the "Death Crust" tag about, well especially "Apokalyptic Death Crust" which I came up with to give us an identity and to describe the band, but back when I first started using such terms as "death crust" and "apocalyptic/apokalyptic death crust" to describe the band I didn't really see any other bands throwing those terms around, it has only really been in the past couple of years or so that I have seen more bands describing themselves as "deathcrust" and blatantly mixing old school death metal with crust punk (although that is in no way a new or unique concept that only started in recent years, bands have been doing that since the late 80's/early-mid 90's we have just taken it a step further both musically and vocally).

The apocalyptic part of the description perfectly fits our lyrical themes - doomsday, armageddon, the downfall of mankind, nuclear war, chemical warfare, the four horsemen, the apocalypse and total blood, fire, death! The "death crust" part perfectly describes our music and vocals.

PR: Kat, let's do a bit of history. What are the most notorious
changes in you as an artist, from the time of Blessed Realm and
Morstice until today? As those experiences have helped you to become who you are as an artist today?

Kat: Well both of those bands were formed when I was VERY young back in the early 90's and were very important and fun times in my life, getting involved with both the underground death metal and doom metal scenes that were thriving back then, Morstice was formed when I was 15/16 and Blessed Realm a couple of years later. The music scene has changed quite a lot since those two bands first came out which was a long time before the internet and social networking appeared and took over, back then all communication was done by letter writing, phone calls or at gigs/parties...and a lot of shitty trends have came and went but a lot of shitty trends still exist today but I have always just started playing music in bands because it is what I personally love to play and hear, you can usually tell if bands are jumping on bandwagons and trends because a lot of them sound soulless and shit and can tell a poser from a mile way either via speakers or in person! hahah!
Both those bands had a lot of bad luck attached to them though, we
didn't get the breaks I feel they deserved, for example both bands
split before having the opportunity to release a full length album
although both bands came close to getting albums out but due to
various reasons they never materialised, there was also in fighting, we were lazy with some aspects of promotion and made no merch except for demos, there was a lack of focus in both bands really and a general haphazard approach, I put it down to youthful naivety and inexperience in dealing with the music scene and "business" aswell as just generally. That is why when I formed Winds Of Genocide I was determined to make this band a much more focused entity from it's inception, from the lyrical concepts and themes to the music and general image and artwork - I wanted this band to sound and look how I wanted it to from the get go and both asthetically and musically that has worked out EXACTLY as I envisioned. I am older and wiser since my early steps into the underground/extreme music scene and being involved with bands but I am proud of what I did with both Morstice and Blessed Realm, both bands wrote some very good material and were doing some very unique things for a UK based band musically, I mean Blessed Realm was playing Doom Metal/Doomrock heavily influenced by bands like The Obsessed, Saint Vitus etc.. when it was probablys the most unfashionable form of heavy music to be playing at that point in

time and there really was no other (or at least many) UK or many other European bands who sounded like us but we were just playing what we loved with total disregard for trends and what labels wanted to sign and that attitude ran through into Winds Of Genocide's formation, I didn't care what music styles were hip or popular at the time, I was quite detached from the scene at that point, and especially social networking – I just wanted to make a mix of music styles I personally it turns out such a style has now became quite popular it seems but at least we can say we didn't hop onto any bandwagon and were doing "death crust" when it wasn't even a it has developed into a little subgenre of a subgenre! Which is cool to see!. If I could go back and do a few things differently with both Morstice and Blessed Realm I would but I can't so it is onwards into the future! 
(a Discography CD of all the recorded Morstice material titled "Deathography 1992-1995" was released by Compilation of Death in Chile in late 2011 - Kat).

PR: I do not care to ask you about your decision to change your sex, as I'm sure you've been asked a thousand times. What I want to know is whether you have approached fans to to thank you for taking that decision. So, I wonder if there are people who consider an
inspiration, for which you serve as an example when assuming their
sexuality hidden or repressed. Someone has said this? Some feel that your action was an act of courage that pushed them to accept what we do not want to accept?

Kat: Well I have only really started coming across other transgendered individuals who are involved with and into extreme music over the past few years and a couple of them have said to me that I have been an inspiration to them which is VERY humbling and if my being open about being a transgendered female can help inspire other people to come out and confront their own personal feelings and frustrations then that is a great thing. I am seeing more and more transgendered women (and men) coming out into the extreme music scene and being proud of who they are and that is so awesome to see, I am sure there is quite a few more of us out there, some who are not yet ready to deal with it in public but who might see interviews or read about people such as myself or Marissa Martinez (Repulsion/Cretin) and think to themselves "well if they are getting acceptance then I will do too" - so with us both being probablys two of the more high profile transgendered women involved in extreme music actively then that can only help others to find the strength to come out and be themselves, although in a male
dominated scene that is still rife with sexist pigs and narrowminded bigots it will never be an easy road for anyone to take but it is easier being a transgendered woman involved in this music scene Anno 2012 than it would have been 20 years ago that is for fucking sure!!!.

 I really repressed my true feelings for a lot of years for fear of what people would think, what my bandmates would think, what the "scene" would think, what my family would think - now I just don't really give a flying fuck what anyone thinks about me or my being transsexual, I am out, proud and happy and if anyone has a problem with that then they can come and say it in person instead of hiding like a coward behind a computer keyboard like some wimps have done in the past years slagging me off and typing derogatory comments and making jokes about me being trans... I have one thing to say to those people - be a man and have the balls to call me a tranny or whatever to my face not via a message forum or on a social networking site in the safety of your home where I can't put a boot into your crotch!!.

The word "courage" or "brave" has been thrown about by people when
talking about the subject of my changing gender and transitioning but I don't see it like that, it is just something I needed to do, I needed to start and put right what I felt was wrong with myself and my life, I guess it takes a rather strong minded person to go through what I have already gone through but I have only realised that now things have settled down more for me and I can look back on the past years and think "fucking hell, how did I deal with that AND stay sane/alive!!" ...But there is always someone worse off than yourself, and there will always be people who live their ENTIRE lives repressing their own true feelings about their sexual identity and gender identity for whatever reason, I am just glad I have not done that to myself or am forced to do that to myself and if my story can inspire anyone out there then that is a bonus.

I am VERY GRATEFUL for the amount of support and encouragement and
strength I have gotten from people in the scene and fans of the band aswell as my parents and some of my family and a lot of friends that I feel very lucky to have behind me. It is a tough road for anyone to walk down and there is always someone just waiting to shout some abuse at you or possibly worse who for some reason are "transphobic" in some cases because they are repressing their own real feelings and sexual/gender identity so take it out on others who have lifted that burden from their shoulders and are enjoying life on their own terms, my philosophy is BE YOURSELF - NOT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK YOU SHOULD BE!!! BREAK THE CHAINS!!.

PR: Speaking about individual freedoms, you believe that at some time it will finish this big business that is the war? Or do you think that they will look for new ways of using it, since always, in benefit of the powerful ones?

Kat: There will always be warmongers and power pigs, people who will find ANY excuse to start a war or to commit an act of terror or war...that is just an unfortunate human trait, you have people who lust for power and all the trappings that come with it, and people who advocate the killing of people who are not like them who kill without conscience and show no remorse for the taking of innocent human lives and the destruction of peoples land and property, the world is full of fucked up individuals who like to oppress peoples freedom of expression and freedom of thinking, who will wage war on those who do not share the same beliefs as them and who are willing to commit acts of cold blooded murder to hurt those who do not follow their way of life and thinking and who oppose their fucked up ethics. It is a sad but true fact that until this planet is finally fully destroyed by mankinds greed, stupidity, ignorance and arrogance that there will always be wars in one form or another, be in on a more global scale or urbanised warfare. There will always be human beings who have total disregard for other human beings lives and who will not think twice about taking other lives and using whatever weapons they have at their disposal - fucking fascist power pigs. As long as there are religious fanatics and corrupt politicans playing their dirty power games then there will always be war and countless peoples personal freedom will be compromised and oppressed across the world.

PR: Kat, do you take care of your voice in a particular way? Your growls are really powerful, and fit perfectly into the group's sound. I mean, your growls seem to bring winds of genocide! Hahaha. But it would be nice to know how you manage to sing that way. Using breathing techniques, preheating, etc? Or you just go into a rage?

Kat: Thanks for the compliments! I follow no special particular voice care regime to speak of I guess I am just lucky I can growl and scream for hours without it really affecting my voice/throat, I don't do any pre gig/rehearsal breathing or whatever only pre gig-rehearsal preperation is drinking a few lagers or ciders!! I will not usually growl or do vocals when I have a very bad cold, I try to avoid having to growl/scream when I have a virus that is affecting my throat as that can cause some damage...I became a growler by default as when Morstice first formed I couldn't play an instrument so thought "what the hell I will give this growling/screaming thing a try, it can't be THAT hard!!" luckily for me I turned out to be rather good at it and
possessed a strong voice to enable me to do such vocals on a long term basis and over the years I have just refined my vocals...when I first started death growling again after many years of not doing them it was abit hard on my throat for the first few Winds of Genocide rehearsals, I hadn't done such vocals in a band since 1994 and the first Winds of Genocide rehearsals were in late 2008/early 2009 but after a few practices I was growling and screaming like it was 1993/94 all over again! It's like riding a bike I guess...once you learn you don;t forget although if you haven't done it for a while you will be abit shaky!

How do I sing this way - well I just open my mouth and gullet and go WOOOOAAARGHHHHHHH!!! There is techniques to avoid shredding your vocal chords like making sure you growl and scream by pushing up via the diaphragm but to achieve such deep growls you have to do that anyway! If you just try growling/screaming without the pushing up technique you will soon start to experience problems and fuck your throat/vocal chords up - it is not as easy as a lot of people think, there is a certain art to doing it properly and making it sound powerful and with a lot of depth. You either have it or you don't it is not something you can "learn" like playing drums or guitar in my opinion. I do tend to just go off into my own little death growling/screaming world when we play live and just go off it and just put the throttle down on my vocal chords and I guess in a way turn into a complete possessed maniac for however long the song/set is!!.

PR: Kat, have thought about recording a full length album in the near term? Or prefer to keep editing Eps and splits, for now? I ask as a fan of the band, because I'd love to have a full length of you in my hands.

Kat: We are currently writing material for our debut full length album which will be titled "USURPING THE THRONE OF DISEASE" and will be released by PULVERISED RECORDS (long running Singapore based extreme music label) sometime in 2013. We have a bunch of songs written for it already which continue in the same vein and style overall as our previous material, a good mix of death metal, blackthrash and crust-käng punk! We haven't made any major changes musically or style wise!!. I can't reveal any songtitles yet though or when and where exactly we will be recording the album at...but we should have it all recorded and mixed by mid-late summer 2013!. Keep an eye out for press releases via the label and our band pages for more info on the album!. Splits and EPS are cool but having a full length album released is a personal dream come true goal/aim of mine and something I would like to achieve at least once in my lifetime with a band! So it shouldn't be TOO LONG until you can have a Winds Of Genocide full length album in your hands! I can say that the artwork for the album is being done by Mark Riddick who has done art for a lot of great bands that I am into, everyone from Grave and Autopsy to Slayer! Hopefully the album will be out by this time next year - I fucking hope so anyway haha!!.

PR: What are the vocalists you admire and why. I know you like Tom
Warrior and Kam Lee, but I guess both D-Beat/Crust, in Kangpunk, Death Metal and other styles, you must have singers who have made, or at least, being woken admiration

Kat: Kam and Tom are two of the more obvious influences and vocalists who I admire but there is a lot of vocalists from both the death metal and crust/punk scenes that I have a lot of admiration for, some of which are Johnny Hedlund (Unleashed), Masse (early Hypocrisy, now Dark Funeral), Nicke Andersson (On Entombed "Clandestine" album), Jorgen Sandstrom in the old Grave days, Per Boder (Macabre End/God Macabre), Barney Greenway (Benediction/Napalm Death), Dave Ingram (Benediction), Karl Willets (Bolt Thrower) etc aswell as female death growlers Duch as Dana Duffey (Mythic), Sharon Bascovsky (Derketa), Alicia Morgan (13), Corinne (Acrostichon) etc.. and crust-punk vocalists such as Jonsson (Anti-Cimex/ Wolfpack), Jeppe (Disfear), Adam (Masskontroll), Cliff (Driller Killer), Micke (Wolfbrigade), the various vocalists in Doom, Dean and Phil (R.I.P.) - Extreme Noise Terror/Death Dealers, Tompa Lindberg (Disfear/ Skitsystem), the list goes on....I also have a huge admiration for Tom Angelripper (Sodom), Jeff becerra (Possessed), Mille Petrozza (Kreator), Quorthon ( R.I.P. - Bathory), Mika Luttinen (Impaled Nazarene) etc..also vocalists like Johnny Morrow (R.I.P. -Iron Monkey) and Mike Williams (EYEHATEGOD) – just vocalists who know how to unleash a good deep death growl and/or scream like a fucking possessed maniac, who can unleash pure feral agression without any pitch altering effects and who can both growl and scream and alternate between both within their vocal style. There is so many great vocalists out there though with great powerful voices/styles that I admire and have been peronally influenced and inspired by...I could go on for fucking pages!! Those are just a few that immediately spring to the forefront of my mind.

PR: Could say that Winds Of Genocide do things in the DIY way? I know some of his works have been published through Witchhammer Records and Brigade Records, but that does not mean working under the orders of any label. But you better tell me how you work.

Kat: Well we are actually signed and under contract currently with
Pulverised Records so our current situation is a lot more professional than I ever envisioned! but we don't have a band manager or booking agent, I take care of all the interviews directly, all the shows are booked directly through myself and the band, we currently pay for our own merch to get printed like patches, shirts so we are currently dealing with things on both a more professional level and also on more of a D.I.Y. basis. I mean attitude wise we haven't changed, I guess we have to approach things differently and more professionally now we have a record label behind us as when it comes to recording the album we will be working within a budget given to us by the label and using other peoples money to record with instead of our own (for a change!) so that is cool, I mean we can just go into the studio, record the songs and make sure we hold up our end of the deal by making a great album then the label will take care of the distribution and promotion and making people aware of the albums and the bands existence, they can reach much more people than we could ever hope to on our own so we would have been idiots to refuse the offer we were given late last year! So far both the Pulverised guys have been great to us and very approachable and easy to work we will see where this album takes us! It is a VERY exciting time for the band though as this record deal has given us opportuntities that we wouldn't have had before and will open quite a few doors for us within the music scene I am sure.

PR: The demo Apokalyptic Death Crust is something I want, whatever
the cost. That is handnumbered, and have been published only 200
copies makes it an object of desire and obsession for me. But is
achieved the demo today? Have you thought about re-editing?

Kat: Yes you are right it is handnumbered, very limitied and WILL NEVER be repressed again! It is just a very rough raw sounding live in the rehearsal room recording done on an old fucked up four track
recorder!!. We actually couldn't believe it when Jerasak at
Witchhammer Productions contacted us in the old Myspace days and said he wanted to release those rehearsal tracks on a pro tape! But we were like "Well...what the fuck..Ok sure..go for it!!". Still makes us laugh and smile when we talk about it though as there was never any intention for it to get released it was just there for people to get a ROUGH idea of what we sounded like..our first demo is really "The Arrival Of Apokalyptic Armageddon" recording, we just made it look very pro done and marketed it more professionally and than you would a normal demo. It is just a posh looking demo recording hahaha!

PR: Ok, Kat, we finished. What is next, from now on, in the life of
Winds Of Genocide? We see you in South America someday?

Kat: Next up full length album, some gigs somewhere in 2013, then alter that who knows?! Would be great to play South America someday, if someone wants us over there badly enough and we can sort out the logistics to make it happen then we will come! But it is not a cheap thing to do so it might take a while yet before we can make it that far to play shows but never say never!

PR: Well, that's all. Many, but thank you very much for your time.
Hopefully someday come play in Argentina. And if you do, I want you to know I do not get angry if I'm invited to play The Arrival of
Armageddon Apokalyptic with you hahaha

Kat: Thankyou very much for this GREAT interview Manel - it has been an absolute pleasure to answer these questions, very enjoyable! Apokalyptic Hails to you and the people in South America and Argentina who have supported Winds Of Genocide so far you guys rule! to those reading this -Buy our split with Abigail, buy our album when it's out, check out our blogspot page and/or facebook for updates and band out for the debut demo by UNCOFFINED too, a Doom band featuring myself on drums/growls and Glynn on guitar -MORBID DOOM METAL OF DEATH!!! It will be titled "Ritual Death and Funeral Rites" and be recorded early 2013. Watch out for the debut Winds Of Genocida album dropping like a fucking dirty bomb on the scene sometime in 2013! The new material is sounding explosive! If you come and sing that song with us at some point then you have to unleash pure aggression and join with me in doing some Tom G Warrior death grunts! ONLY DEATH GRUNTS ARE REAL!!! UGH! RIDE UPON THE WINGS OF ARMAGEDDON!!!

Video for the song "Into The Darkness Of Eternal Nuclear Winter" by Winds Of Genocide that appears on the split CD with Abigail.

Thursday, 29 November 2012


FOR FANS OF - State Of Fear, Genocide Superstars, Disrupt, Wolfpack
LATEST RELEASE -  "Dårarnas Paradis" (self released (CD) / La Familia (Vinyl)
This band came to my attention completely out of the blue after their
CD was sent to me in a package, I put it on and on first listen I was
instantly hooked and must have repeated the album 3 times in a row
that morning. The band in question is URSUT from Sweden who describe
themselves as a " Raw bulldozer käng punk detonation". The production
on their album is well produced, crisp and powerful but still has a
raw and feral edge and attitude to it and will appeal to those who
like their crust and käng punk with a metallic sharpness to it. I
interrogated Oskar and Mattias to find out more about this new and
exciting band:-
Please give me a quick background history on the band and introduce
the current line up.
O: Started out as a recording session a couple of years ago when me (Oskar) and Rodrigo had Mattias to record 6 songs a sunday in August just before I moved to Portugal for a couple of months. All these were picked up when Mattias asked me what do do with it all and then I said that he should be playing guitar together with me and he had Simon to be part on bass. We managed to get the songs all together and start to play some live shows to begin with a show at the Malmö Hardcore fest 2010. After this we managed to get some more shows done and songs enough for our fullength album "Dårarnas Paradis" which our friend Stachel recently released on his label La Familia releases. We are Mattias, Oskar, Rodrigo and Simon.

M: Yeah I did the recording in 2008, 2 years later I asked why it was just going to collect dust and i wanted to finish it. I added guitars and ideas.

Your debut demo "Dåranas Paradis" was released a little while ago, I must say on first listen it blew me away, very powerful sounding debut album, please tell the readers what they can expect from this album and the music in your own words.
M: Yes, but no. Our demo was released in 2010, this is our debut album. Released on vinyl by La Familia releases ( and on CD by ourselves (

O:Thank you, powerful is a good word I think. To get you a hint of what we're doing, we got back in time a couple of years and managed to record a raw d-beat punk album sung and written in Swedish 90:ies style.

Are you totally satisifed with how it turned out looking back or is
there anything you feel you could have done better, I must say
everything from the drumming to the vocals just sounds furious! How
has the response been to it so far overall?
O: I must say that I'm stoked about the result, really love it raw and furious is the game for sure! As for reading the reviews we've gotten so I must say that the response has been really good. We didn't really know what to expect from this but I'm happy that people are enjoying the record, live wise it's been good as well. Think that we couldn't really ask for any better.

M: I am never satisfied. My vision initially was unpolished, fucked up and angry, maybe it turned out a bit more polished than I thought it would. The response has been great!

Have you got much feedback from outside of Sweden regarding the album/band? How have the reviews been overall?
O: As said before, the reviews has been really good, but since we haven't been able to go touring much so far I can't really say when it comes to the response from abroad. The ones writing about the record has been really nice I think.

M: 99% great reviews. The only bad things I've read is "…to clear sound" "…to polished" "…to much metal" a.s.o.

How did you hook up with the record label? Are you happy with the work they have done for the band thus far? Is a vinyl release planned? How can the readers get hold of your debut album?
O: I know Stachel from Lafamilia releases some from before, and gave him our demo and asked him if he could be interested in releasing the LP, then we released the CD version our selves. As far as this it's been really good with the work, we hope to be able to go to Germany soem more soon which will help the promotion for the record as well, so I think that's good. To get a hold of this you can go to or order from us at eigther our webpage or through

The production is very good, every instrument cuts through perfectly and it is a very crisp and sharp sound, who produced the album and why did you choose that particular studio and producer? Do you plan to collaborate with this studio/producer on the next Ursut release?
O: Thank you very much for the nice words about the sounds and all. The "producer" is Mattias and when recording anything new we will definitely work like this again. Then we have everything done within the band. I think Mattias is amazing with the sound so there's no need to get anyone else doing this. Great I say!

M: Thanx. Great with nice words, I free lance as engineer/producer and I work around in different studios. My studio in Lund is cheap and small. So we never discussed the possibilities to record somewhere else.

Have you written much new material since recording the album? Any
plans for another release yet or is it to early to say?
O: There's not been much new written, but we have new material in our heads for sure. We're planning to do a 7" sometime this year. Would be really nice to follow up with some more new material.

M: Well some new songs are written, these will crush!

Why the name Ursut? Please explain the band name and its meaning to the readers! Your songtitles/lyrics are also totally in Swedish - are you worried that this could possibly limit your audience or does that not concern you? Will you continue to sing totally in Swedish or do you think you might bring in some English lyrics at some point?
O: The name Ursut comes from a famous criminal person who managed to do a lot of spectacular prison break outs in Sweden. This is just a name that we took, and no more to be connected with us or our music or our lyrics. Our songs are written in Swedish only so far, and that might limit our listerners, at the same I think that the music says enough for some listeners, but definitely something in mind. We've been discussing the fact of having some English lyrics as well. Maybe there will be on the following songs we're planning to do.

M: Ioan Ursut crawled out the small ventilation shaft greased in butter. Ioan Ursut was a complete asshole. In our Swedish dialect "Skånska" the name "Ursut" sound really harsh and raw. URRSUT.

How active is Ursut as a live band, do you play live much locally and within Sweden? Have you played outside of the country yet or do you have any plans to play live in other countries/do a tour of somekind? What can people expect from an Ursut live show?
O: We're as active as we can be when being a band consiting of four parents with seven kids in total. We've been on a short Germany trip and will try and get some more shows done, as far as this we've been playing mostly in Sweden, some in Denmark. There will be more for sure! What to expect from a live set from us, most likely that we will try to deliver as much energy as possible. I've enjoyed it all at lot so far and will definitely keep doing so!

What bands shape and influence the sound of Ursut - which bands inspired you to pick up instruments and play this kind of music?
O: Ohh for me I'd say State of fear, Disrupt and Wolfpack. I relly love the raw and brutal stuff like these bands been delivering, I guess there's some more but these to begin with.

M: State of fear, Disrupt, Bastard, Anti Cimex, Bolt Thrower and Eddie Meduza

Lyrically where do you find inspiration to put pen to paper - what are some of the lyrical concepts on the album? And what does the album title mean?
O: Well, there's loads of different things in life giving inspiration of writing lyrics, many of our songs deal with the fact of being parents and how to deal with the responsability you get when having someone else to put all of your focus on instead of only yourself. As the song title "Dårarnas Paradis" kind of "the Fools Paradise" is about sexist men in a consisting society built up on a sick and twisted way of seing them selves as a moral standard and living by the rules cemented on a way of thinking that's only for them. Got some of these ideas by my daily work colleagues, or some of them to be honest. That's just some things that we've been screaming about.

Have any of you been in or currently in other bands/musical projects? If so please tell the readers about them. Your drummer Rodrigo is also in Necrovation if I am not wrong?!!.
O: Well yes we've been playing in a load of other bands before and some still active. Rodrigo who's drumming has a long list of great bands that he's been part of during the years of playing music.

M: Rodrigo is no longer on Necrovation. He is in loads of different bands though, and he is running the fantastic record company, BLOOD HARVEST. Don't miss Necrovation´s latest album "s/t" - Fantastic album; recorded in my studio by the young master GG

Describe Ursut in 5 words only!!.
O: Raw bulldozer käng punk detonation


What is your local scene like? Are there many cool venues to play, what other local bands would you recommend to the readers out there?
O: In Malmö we haven't had a proper venue for D.I.Y. shows for a while, there's some more club like venues but no proper punk places. Have a pizza/pub where we can host shows but there's not been to much of a place that we could call our own in a while. Know there's something on it's way but can't really say what's going on with that. In Lund we have Hemgården, where Mattias works and have the studio, where there's a lot of harrcore shows going. Also a bigger venue but not really a place for us to play that often. Band wise there's loads of great bands, seems like the history of our cities been really good producing good punk music. That's really cool. To mention some there's Lautstürmer, Rhino surgery, Infernöh, Symptom, Terrible Feelings, Atlas Loosing grip and also my other projects Avfart 33 and Crutches. There's a shit load of other great bands for sure!

M: Malmö/Lund just keeps on growing. LOADS of bands, but to few venues. PYRAMIDO, HERÄTYS, INFERNÖH and PRIMITIVE RITES are occupying my ears these days.

What is your current opinion on the Swedish extreme music scene, what other bands do you fell an "affinity" with and also which other
Swedish bands are currently amongst your personal faves?
M: Sweden is a small country, but large music wise. Right now i listen a lot to PYRAMIDO, WATAIN, FREDDIE WADLING and NECROVATION.

What is your current opinion on the Swedish crust/punk/HC scene -how is it locally? Sweden has a rich history of producing some world class punk bands, which Swedish HC/Punk bands are amongst your all time faves?
O: I totally agree with you, we have a really fuckign nice history of making good music in this country, kind of spoiled here I think. get a lot for free jsut for being from here sometimes I can feel. I'd say my fave would be Totalitär. No doubt about it.


What plans do you have for the rest of 2012 and into next year?
O: As said before, we plan to get soem new songs recorded and hopefully released and some more shows done. Other from that there's loads of great things that we'll be able to do with our families which is really great. Summer's here and that's a great time to actually get soem mroe energy and feel good about the whole of all.

the last words are yours -thanks for answering this small interview, please let the readers know what merch you currently have available and where they can check out the bands music or get more info/contact
O: Thank you soo much for taking your time for us! Totally appreciated! And thanx for reading, hope there might be something that got you's interested in us some. We do have our fullength LP/CD Dårarnas Paradis available through our web page or though my distro where you also can find out t-shirts and patches/Backpatches, badges and some more small stuff. contact us via

M: THANK YOU - Have a great late summer!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


NAME: Mordbrand
THEY ARE:  Death Metal
FROM: Sweden
FOR FANS OF: God Macabre, Autopsy, Nihilist
LATEST RELEASE: Mordbrand / Bombs Of Hades "No Life" Split 10" (Bifrost Records)
Mordbrand may be a fairly new name on the death metal scene but they
are fronted by none other than Per Boder who is most well known for
his fierce death growl fronting the legendary Swedish death metallers
Macabre End / God Macabre back in the early 1990's. Per had taken a 20
year hiatus from death metal but in that time he hasn't lost any of
his ability to growl with the best of them, his very recogniseable
roar still very much in tact and sounds just as potent as it did on
the sole God Macabre album "The Winterlong". Anyway Mordbrand are a
great band in their own right and they have made their own mark on the
death metal scene with a string of quality releases one of the latest
being a split with Bombs Of Hades who also feature an ex God Macabre
member in the shape of Jonas Ståhlhammar. A new EP is set to be
unleashed via Deathgasm Records in the near future (note:- since this interview was done and posted up in an edited form via the Terrorizer Magazine website a new 7" has been released titled "Kolumbarium" - check it out!!).  I sent some
questions to Per:-

Please if you would be so kind give a quick background history on the band and the current line up? 

The band has been around since 2006, I joined in late 2010. We’re a three piece and the members are: Björn (guitars/bass), Rudberg (drums) and me, Per on vocals. The other guys plays together in a thrash band called The Law and have been doing music together in various projects for long.

I will get this question out of the way with early on, many people know you as the ex vocalist of legendary Swedish death mrtallers Macabre End and God Macabre but you had been "inactive" at the microphone for quite a few years and had went into some kind of death metal vocalist retirement before Mordbrand came into existence, what made you decide to form another death metal band after so many years and unleash those potent death growls of yours again? When did you feel that "fire" and urge to play death metal again?

I was approached by Björn (guitars) at a local gig and he told me about this band that he had which recorded a demo a couple years earlier that now was going to be released as a split 12” with fellow deathsters Evoke (UK). He
wanted to continue work on this band and asked if I might be interested since it was along the lines with what I did in God Macabre. I was a bit hesitant (and drunk) but I said I would check up on them. After that nothing was heard of in a while and I thought nothing more about it. I didn’t really have any urge to get in any band; it was quite a while since I left Space Probe Taurus which was the last band I ever played in. Death Metal I had not done in 20 years and had not even considered doing again. But Björn called up (or contacted me via internet most probably) and I decided to be a man of my words and try it. I rewrote some lyrics for a track, tried out and the ball was rolling. The primarily goal with Mordbrand is to play music and enjoy it, no high flying plans at all. So, I joined Mordbrand who’s been in existence since 2006, I’m not the founder.

The bands debut release was a split with UK death metal band Evoke, how did that split come about? Is it still available?.

I'm not sure if it's available still. Perhaps there are distros that still can provide it, but I'd guess it's sold out by now. It was recorded and released before I joined the band, so Björn did the vocals. The moniker was invented because it was needed for this release – and they weren't a fully functional band back then. But after that 12" was released, it gave the guys a will to continue which later lead to my involvement. Björn (L)ars(s)on (strings) is an old friend of John Redfern's (EVOKE's vocalist), and he had sent him the MORDBRAND tracks back when they were recorded and John then asked if he could release them as a split with his old band. Well, it happened!

You followed up that release with a 6 song EP called "Necropsychotic" which was released by American label Deathgasm Records, how did that deal come about? Are you satisfied with the work they have done for the band so far? Please tell the readers abit about this EP in your own words and what they can expect from it? What are your feelings on this recording now you have had some time to reflect on it?
Initially it was to be released by another company but that fell through and we sent out some promotion to different labels and Deathgasm was quick to offer us a deal. Since it was apparent that they knew what they were doing, we jumped aboard straight away. In terms of how I view the band, this was probably a bigger deal than I expected.    Deathgasm has been around for a while and we’re such an unknown band. I’d figure we might get some offers from smaller labels with one or two releases in their catalogue. Evan of Deathgasm laid out some plans and a timeline over how this would be done, and this has been followed straight through with perfection. So we are very pleased with how they handled our release to say the least. The EP contains all the work that I had done with Mordbrand up to that point, the two last tracks were the ones we recorded first so there is some sound issues with those and therefore should be viewed as “bonus-tracks”. Other than that we’re very pleased about Necropsychotic, it contains the blueprint of what we wanna do, old school Death Metal with some bits that maybe wouldn’t been there if the band were around 20 years ago.

 Have you got much new material in the pipeline? Are you planning on doing a full length for Deathgasm? Any new titles etc you can share with us?

We have new material coming and were working on ideas the whole time. We have no desire to make a full length at this point, but we will work with Deathgasm in the future and got some plans surrounding that right now. If we were to release a full album, Deathgasm obviously would be our first choice.

I know you have hooked up with another fellow ex God Macabre member Jonas from Bombs of Hades to collaborate on a Mordbrand/Bombs of Hades split, please tell us about this split, when will it be released etc.. How many tracks from both yourselves and BOH? What will this split be called? I heard one track "The Eternal Feast of Annihilation" and I must say it sounds devastatingly awesome!

It’s a split 10” that has just been  released as collaboration between new founded label Bifrost Rec. and Carnal Rec. (Arckanum, Craft etc). It contains three new tracks from us and 2 new tracks from BoH. We wanted to do a split of some sorts and given the history I have with Jonas of BoH it was an obvious choice. The 10” is called “No Life” and features old school DM and great artwork by Juanjo Castellano who also did the Necropsychotic cover. 

What does the name "Mordbrand" mean and why did you settle upon this name when deciding what to call the band?

It’s Swedish for arson and the guys had problems finding a good name for the band when they started out. They thought of calling it plain arson but went for the Swedish translation instead. It packs more punch in Swedish, mord = murder and brand = fire. Murderfire would have been a lousy idea though.

Lyrically what inspires you to put pen to paper?

That’s a hard one and something that’s been a bit of a challenge. I haven’t done this in a long time, but nightmare scenarios, world downfall and the bleak apocalyptic future that’s creeping up on mankind is what I tend to concentrate on. The regular DM-themes about ancient shit that’s about to return and annihilate I guess.

What bands shape and influence the sound of Mordbrand?!

Pretty much the same stuff I was listening to back in the early 90’s, Autopsy, Nihilist, Candlemass etc. There are new bands that are great as well which probably serves more as an inspiration than influence. We are all on the same page about how Mordbrand should sound, it’s a mix of what we have done in the past and maybe some new stimulus from whatever gets the shit done in an interesting way. The main concept is clear though, old school DM.

The current underground death metal scene seems VERY healthy right now, what is your personal opinion on it, any bands out there you feel an affinity with and who you would also recommend to the readers out there? How would you compare today’s scene to when you first started out in the death metal underground all those years ago when it is all fresh, new and just kicking off? What do you miss about those days? Are there any aspects of the modern scene that you do not like? 

There are a lot of commons with the scene today and that of yesterday. Loads of great bands doing basic DM picking up on the early days. I guess today bands will more be judged by the actual music since there is no media hype surrounding DM, back then there seemed to be more interest of bullet belts, black clothing, stage diving and violent lyrics.
I don’t miss anything back from then except maybe the usual hanging out and being hellbent on talking death metal all the time. Everything is based on internet these days, which in a way works very well for a band. Back then when you went to a gig it didn’t really matter where in Sweden it was, the same people had a tendency to show up whether in Strömstad or Stockholm. So you kinda belonged to a “scene” where you actually met people and traded your zines, demos whatnot. This might happen even today, but as an old geezer I miss out on that if that’s the case. I don’t feel that I belong to a scene nowadays, so I really can’t comment on that.

Have you guys started playing live yet? Or do you have any or many plans to play live, if so what can people expect from a Mordbrand live show?!

We got one show together with BoH planned, other than that we have nothing in the works. There is a logistic problem with this; we live far apart in different places in Sweden so we really have to plan how rehearsing and adding live members will come together. Everyday life is a bit more complicated today vs. 20 years ago. There are other obligations that need to be prioritized,  like it or not.

Who would you consider to be some of your personal vocal influences? At what age did you first realise you had the ability to death growl like you do?! How does it feel personally to you being active vocally again with death metal? A lot of time has passed since you left the microphone at God Macabre. You did continue with another band called Snake Machine for a while playing more fuzzrock style stuff, but you were not in that band for long, so what happened inbetween the mid 90s and forming Mordbrand? Were you involved with any musical projects worth mentioning?

I like growls that are comprehensible and not too over the top/low end. Nick Holmes from the early Paradise Lost days is always on my mind and so is Troy and Duane from Devastation. That’s what I’m aiming for when I do my stuff. My growling simple evolved through the early days with GM when we were more of a grind/noise band and my voice had to stylistically match the music when we headid into the Death realm. I was 19 when we recorded the Winterlong album, and that’s pretty much how I sound today as well.
As for Snake Machine; that band soon turned into Space Probe Taurus and I played with them (alongside Ola Sjöberg ex-GM) for about 10 years so I’d say I was with them for a very long time. The only record I did with SPT was the Insect City 7”, where also Jonas Stålhammar (again, ex-GM) was included in the line up for a short time. I had a lay-off from music for about 10 years before joining Mordbrand, didn’t do anything musically during those years. I hade no motivation at all, that’s why I left SPT.

What other bands are the members of Mordbrand currently involved with?

Björn and Rudberg has some projects, most notable the thrash-outfit The Law. Also Karensdag is a project that plays live from time to time. More grind/hardcore oriented that one.
I’m not involved in anything else than Mordbrand.

Apart from the upcoming split with Bombs of Hades what else doe the band have in the pipeline? I read something about a 7"? What are the plans for 2012 and beyond....?

Plans are to continue to churn out some quality brutality, there are some offers we’re considering and as it looks right now we’ll soon start working on a 7”. We want to do every format that is out there, so who’s up for a flexi?

I know you also teamed up with Bombs of Hades to do some guest growls on their cover of the Carnage classic - "The Day Man Lost", is this the closest we can expect to a God Macabre reunion anytime soon?! Have you even considered reforming the band at any point or do you think it is best to just let "sleeping dogs lie" and just focus on current projects/bands? Would you not rule out the possibility of a GM reunion at some point or is it definetly never going to happen ( I know Ola has always ruled it out!).

No GM reunion, we have all agreed on that. There’s no need for it. Some of the past members is involved in new bands and others have left the music scene long behind. I don’t wanna ruin all the great memories I have of what it was.. Jonas asked me if I wanted to that cover with BoH and of course I did. We used to play that one with God Macabre, so there’s somewhat of a reunion for ya!

Thanks for the interview and support, people interested in our stuff can check it out on: 
Buy merch/records: 
We’re on facebook and youtube as well, google it!

No life!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Ex Asphyx guitarist Eric Daniels is back with a new band and he has
teamed up with his old Asphyx bandmates Martin Van Drunen and Bob
Bagchus along with the newest Asphyx member Alwin Zuur and also Hail
Of Bullets bassist Theo Van Eekelen -  to create some "brutal real
doom death metal". Watch out for the debut album later this year on

Century Media. Eric answered my questions and made this one of the most enjoyable interview I have worked on to date, he is clearly a very passionate, down to earth and humble guy and a pleasure to interview.

You have been involved in the extreme music scene for many years now, but at what age did you first become interested in heavy music and when did you first start learning to play an instrument, was guitar always your first choice of instrument that you wanted to play? What musicians inspired you to pick up a guitar and start learning how to play it, are you self taught or did you go for lessons? 

I started listening to metal-music when I was 13 years old. I really like the sound of heavy guitars and pounding drums, the rhythm and the intense atmosphere a good album can give. When I was 14 years old I started to play electric guitar (30 years ago), I did not have any lessons, cause the lessons were given did not interest me very much. I learned to play the guitar myself, every day playing that thing on my room at my parents place. I earned my first guitar during school-years with a paper route together with my brother. At first I wanted to play the bass-guitar after seeing live-shows from the dutch heavy-metal band “Picture”. That bass-sound was very heavy live, but  I started to play the guitar when I heared the song “black out” from the scorpions. I liked the rhtym guitars on that album so much, it was boiling inside me to play the guitar. Also I tried to play songs from the early Saxon an Judas Priest albums. Quite hard to learn the riffs especialy when I had no lessons how to grab the chords, but never gave up. In a time it became to soft for me, I wanted to play more brutal stuff, keep the emotion in it, a backdoor for my feelings. When Venom’s “Welcome to Hell”was released, I was sold, knocked out, THAT was the style I wanted to play. Technical stuff I liked to listen to, but not to play. Later on I played the early Metallica albums, SOD and Anthrax, simply that was tight playing style I realy liked. Not very technical riffing, but very efficient, and with feeling played. Of course it wasn’t brutal enough. I kept the tight playing, combined with my guitarsound, and that’s up till today my riffing and style. 

At what age did you decide to yourself that you wanted to be part of a band yourself? Were you involved with any bands at school or before you got involved with Asphyx?

Well, I did not planned to be ready for playing in a band. Of course it was the idea to be part of a band, but in the beginning I just wanted to handle the guitar and play the chords right. After a while I was 16 years old I played with friends in a couple of bands in the area I lived. It was not always serious, but it was nice to experience how it felt to be part of a band. Try to play tight and with 2 guitar-players . I also did some auditions at other bands in those days, but they didn’t find me good enough or the style of my playing didn’t like them, well that were dissapointments to deal with, but I always trusted and new I would find the band in which I fit in fine. I did in 1989 when I joined Bob and Tonny in ASPHYX. I lived in the south of The Netherlands and drove every weekend about 450 km to rehearse with ASPHYX in the east side. I didn’t care about the distance, it all matters to me to play in a band which felt good. Just before we recorded the “Crush The Cenotaph” demo in 1989 I was moving and start a life in the east of The Netherlands. Bob and I spended all our time together, we were close friends and still are. We shaped and give a face to ASPHYX, and I am still proud on this day to have been part of it.

Please tell us about the initial formation of Asphyx, who formed the band, was it just a case of a few friends with the same music tastes getting together and starting to play covers or did you set about writing your own material straight away? Did you have a clear vision of how you wanted Asphyx to sound even before you recorded the debut demo? What bands/influences shaped and fuelled the sound of Asphyx in the beginning? 

Asphyx was founded in 1987 by Bob Bagchus(who came up with the name) and guitarist Tonny Brookhuis.They were good friends and lived 4 blocks from eachother. They started to play covers such as Death-Infernal Death,Mayhem-Necrolust,Celtic Frost-Nocturnal Fear. After doing those things they started to write own songs. Bob always had a clear vision of how Asphyx should sound like and in which direction the band had to go. Straight forward doom/death metal. Asphyx learned from each recording and was slowly getting their own sound and style. The influences of the band were/are: Venom, Hellhammer/Frost, Messiah, Slaughter, old Death, old Necrophagia.

Please tell us about the local surroundings were you grew up and where the band was formed, was there much of a metal scene back then, any other bands who were thinking along the same lines as yourselves/ Was it hard to find places to rehearse and record back then in the early days before you got the record deal?. 

As I mentioned before I was born and raised in the south of The Netherlands. At age of 23 I moved to the east cause of ASPHYX. It was getting serious, and I didn’t want to spent time to travel so much. It was more easy and comfortable to live in the same area as the other guys. There was not a big death metal scene at that time. It was the period of 89-90 when Death Metal became known. ASPHYX was part of that very beginning. Only some thrash-metal bands were active cause that was the hype and trend but it was slowly fading away and Death Metal became more popular. I remember the first shows we did. People couldn’t give the vocal-style a place, looking awkward but liked the music more and more. It was just a matter of time when it became more popular. So sure we didn’t have any other bands who played the same as we did in the area. For us it was not diffucult to find a rehearsal-room. We always rehearsed at Harrow-productions which had 2 rehearsal-rooms. Harry also started to record overthere and begin his studio. Funny thing to mention was, if he was recording a band, we couldn’t rehearse cause we played so fuckin loud it was hearable at his recordings! Harry was a big important help at the beginning of ASPHYX, and he still is helping. It was natural to record at his place cause we know each other very well, and he knew how we like to record. He was becoming a sort of friend besides us. I still have good memories at those early days, and I have to get him personal credit cause he was the first engineer who handled my brutal saw-sound and managed to get it on tape.

A few demos were recorded before the band got a deal with Century Media, what was the feeling like when CM first got in touch and wanted to sign you? Were they the first serious label that took an interest in signing the band? As everyone knows, you were involved in playing on the first 4 Asphyx albums, out of all of those albums which albums are your fave and for what reasons? What particular songs that you wrote back then stand out to you? You wrote so many classic death metal hymns in my opinion but I guess you have your personal faves!?  

We (Bob and I) were very pleased and excited that Century Media was interested in our music. Bob and I sat together at his attic-room and we both together made a letter to write to some recordlabels. We wrote to Noise records, Roadrunner, and of course Century Media, cause we saw an add from an band in a metal-magazine, it was very neat, so we said well we write to them too. What we didn’t know was that Robert (big chief Century Media Records) already had our demo in his office. That was really cool to hear. We also could get a recorddeal with Peaceville records. My fave albums till this day are “The Rack” and “Last One on Earth”. However I have still good feelings about our very first album we recorded and was released years later “Embrace The Death”. It has an dark atmosphere I really like about it. But on the other hand it wasn’t brutal enough as we wanted to be. We made that right with the 2nd and 3th album. My 4 fave songs are: “Vermin” (it gives so much agression wich I always had to be freed inside my body, I like the brutality of this one), “The Rack” (cause it reflects the playing style doom/death with a great feeling), “Food For The Ignorant” (cause my opinion is that this one sounds and the riffing is like how doom/death has to be), “Last One On earth” (the most sad song I have ever played). Of course I have many more faves but those 4 songs always gave me the right feeling to play the death metal for 100%.

You did some touring back in those early days with the likes of Entombed, what are some fond memories of being out on the road? Any particular shows that stick in your memory from early days/tours? 

Yes, we did 2 tours in Europe. The first one was a mini-tour with Entombed in 1991, started in Hamburg. At that show “The Rack” was officialy released and we got a retail vinyl version backstage I remember that for sure. I had very good memories about that tour, every evening sold out. Bob, Martin and I had a good time spending together with the guys from Entombed, travel together in a nice night-liner from city to city. I liked touring, playing every evening the brutal death metal. The surroundings, meeting lots of people, and having a good time together. The second one we did was in 1992 with Bolt thrower and Benediction. Very succesful tour, and learned a lot during that one. Touring is hard, not for everyone, long time from home, and sometimes to deal with unexpected matters, being creative is the best thing to do at that moment. I am still proud to be part of that package, we played through Europe and give death metal hell to the audience every evening. I can’t point at a particular show to be the best, all shows we did at those tours were awesome. During touring the boys got seperated from the men, and we leaned a lot. Martin already had his experiences with Pestilence, as friends do together feeling comfortable to switch those experiences. Looking back at this period, it was important for Asphyx, and important for us as persons. Looking back at the spare pictures which were taken at this tours, the feeling comes back, sort of time-travel in the past.

What was the secret behind THAT guitar sound of yours which became so easily identifiable with the classic Asphyx sound?! 

Well, it isn’t decent to myself to go into detail how I build my guitar-sound. I just can say that my sound is in the effects. I am not guitars and amps – branded. I tweaked the sound for hours and days to get it for my personal feeling. Nowadays it’s easy with digital stuff. I use a 19” rack in which my effects are cabled and stored, and with a pedal-board I can switch between the effects. I managed to store my settings trough an USB output and as a back up on an USB-stick. So it’s nowadays more easy than 20 years ago. Funny to say that my guitar-sound is on a few inches called a USB-stick, but it is handy to do so. Also the type and brand of picks and guitarstrings are important to give that clearity and crunch.  Also the style of playing , not to treat the strings as your lovely house-pet but just be angry at those 6 steel barbed-wire things. Aggressive but tight playing is my thing. The guitars I use now-adays are B.C. Rich, DBZ, and Jackson. All Flying V’s cause to me that’s the shape of guitar for Metal !.  I like the varity of brands cause they all have a different necks which I like, and the mood I am to pick the guitar with that kind of neck when I am playing or composing riffs. All my guitars are neck-through or set-in. It gives more sustain and that I use for the doom-solo’s. All equipped with EMG active pick-ups cause I like the steady sound of it. For the aggressive trem-solo’s I use Floyd Rose original trems. So to give a bit of a secret, as it was back  then in ASPHYX and now for GSBC, my sound is in the effects, I can use cheap guitars and amps or expensive ones, I always can manage to get my sound from any guitar and amp. I don’t like to spend a lot of time in studio or at home or on stage to adjust the sound. The last recordings I did for GSBC it only took about 5 minutes to get the sound for the recordings. I also have contact with Marc Anthony H Bertone from IKON Customs USA, he wants to build a hand-made “horror” Flying V for me, I saw his work and guitars it looks awesome. Looking forward to the final result.

You left the band in the mid 1990's, but it wasn't long before you came back onto the scene with Soulburn who played a very raw style of evil doom/death and unleashed the album "Feeding On Angels" upon an unsuspecting metal scene, please the tell the readers about this band and album, how did that band initially come to life and what are your thoughts on that looking back now? Why did the band only release one album then disappear?.

 No, I did not left the band, after the “ASPHYX” self-titled album, things went not smooth anymore. I was the only member from the early line-up. It felt more and more bad, not to make music with Bob and Martin. I didn’t want to quit after Bob left, and asked him if it was ok for him I went on and started to compose for the asphyx-album. It was fine with him, but at the end it felt not so good anymore. That’s why I did not want to continue, but I never officialy left the band. Bob continued later on for the God Cries album together with Theo. After that album things became quite and it has to be seen as a sort of resting-period. Death Metal was down hardly any good albums came out and many bands quit. But Bob and I stayed in contact and after 4 years I called him, and asked Bob if he likes to write music again with me. We did, no pressure of making an album under the Asphyx moniker. We wanted to do a sort of home-project. We experienced that in the past making the songs for “The Last One On Earth” album it felt good and nice to compose and arrange music together. We started with that feeling making songs for SOULBURN. We choose that name cause if felt more relaxt of composing riffs and arrangements. It went out very fine. We wanted to make a more Black/Death album, but our style we invented like from mid-tempo’s into the doom-parts, it came back in Soulburn also. It’s the way we like and feel. Also for GSBC there are parts of this. It’s our brand we are good at, and why not play it even as we sort of invented this syle of playing. So, the whole feeling was back, we enjoyed it very much, and listen back to the soulburn-album the songs are crushing and with the right atmosphere. So to stick with only one album was pure the fact that it was a project-based album, not have in mind to continue with more albums, but the whole idea felt good, we enjoyed playing together, being busy again with music, we decided to go back to ASPHYX for the next release.

That album came out in a time when old school raw death metal was not considered "cool" or "trendy" to listen to and most of the bigger labels were signing other types of music and following the musical trends of that time, but Asphyx and your bandmates in Soulburn were following your own musical paths and directions without any care of what was being hyped, was it frustrating to see these trends coming and going within the music scene and true old school style death metal getting ignored in comparison?

 To say, I never felt frustrated about that, cause it is natural what happens with styles and trends. Of course record-companies have their own vision and need to excist so they sign what is popular or become popular. To me personalyy I don’t give a damn what is popular or not. Doom/death is inside me, gives me the happiness I want, and popular or not, if I connect my guitar at home, just wanted to play, I play the things I like. I never and never compose a riff in the way if it fits with current styles or trends. I stick with what I think is good. To me is playing music a feeling. My guitar is an extension of my feelings. What expressions I can’t say or tell, I can express through my guitar. The fact is that it is brutal metal, I simply can’t play or will play another kind of metal. It’s in the heart and soul you know. Maybe difficult to explain, but I tried in this writing. Of course it felt bad and no good if the attention of your music is fading away. But I always say, If I had to play for 4 people audience or 10.000, I always give 100% and to me it matters that our fans having a good time.

The old school style of death metal seems to have became more popular again in recent years compared to how popular it was back in the late 1990's/early 00's, what are your thoughts on the current death metal scene, have you heard any newer bands that have came out that you feel are following in the old school tradition the right way and which stand out to your ears which you would like to recommend/mention?. Asphyx are often cited by newer death metal bands as an influence, I guess that must make you very proud! How do you feel when you read someone mentioning your musical work as a big inspiration/influence? 

Sure I am very possitive about the fact that death metal became more popular again. Only with the right spirit and believe. However I still hear too many bands they think playing the “real” (term I prefer above “oldschool”) death metal, but there is no soul and believe in it. A band has to be a collective, not excists of musicians who will show how good they think they are. The real doom death has nothing to do to put as many technical riffs in a minute or blasting drums. The riffs are gone in one ear and leave direct to the other ear. It’s boring and makes you tired listening to it. I am not point my finger at bands, or think I know best, but we all know there are bands formed cause it’s trendy again or they first played anothers style of music and switch to what’s popular nowadays. Mostly I stick with the quality of bands already known, I sure pick up some new bands, but on the moment to me there are just a few. Also in the process of our upcomming album GSBC, I don’t want to listen too many bands cause I want to have a fresh and clear perspective for the album. I see lot’s of clips on the social networks comming by, only the good ones I remember. My fave is Coffins, I like this band very much, that bulldozer sound comfort my ears. The new ASPHYX album I like very much, and makes me proud to hear the spirit is still there. My respects for this piece of work !. Comming  back at the term “oldschool”, it sounds odd to me, it’s just a label hanging at music from the late 80’s begin 90’s, but my believe is that 20 years ago we sort of created the doom/death, and it’s the style of playing we did and do, I have never left this track, so to me I prefer the term “Real” doom/death more. Of course it makes me and I can speak for the other guys as well, proud that ASPHYX is an influence for newer bands. We are fans too from the older brutal bands like Venom and Possessed, every musician has his influences, and we don’t have to fool ourselves by thinking we are so god damn original. It’s the way of perform it, give it shape, and most important, keep it raw. I cant’t understand to spent lots of time at studio or mixing, if the sound is ok, leave it that way. Shaping and shaping only makes it weaker and weaker, it’s not the kind of music to do so. Basically said, playing death metal is a feeling, skills are not that important. Put the soul in it and it will be ok. 

What has kept a veteran such as youself so passionate about death metal music after so many years and still having that urge and fire to create and write your own music? What advice would you give you younger musicians who are jut starting out in bands/recording their first demos/material?

 Well, as my friends said to me, you collected all those years you were not active as an musician, the riffs and music deeply inside yourself. I am writing music for 2 years already and those hidden inspiration was seeing the daylight when I picked up the guitar again. It was Bob actually who gave me the inspiration and urge to step in again, however we did not planned and spoke about this. It was just a feeling I had to pick up that guitar again, just to see for myself how it will turn out. From two years now I play my guitars every day about one hour. I found out I missed it soo much, be creative and composing again. It gives me a sort of happiness inside, a well-done feeling, no matter if I play only for myself. Lots of things happened at the personal side in those 10 years. Now it feels good to make music again, and most important to have my best friends to make the music which is so true. Well, the best advice I can give towards the younger generation is the same we experienced years ago. Never make compromises about your music and point of view. Just stick with the kind of music you want to play.

from the early 2000's onwards you kind of went off the "death metal radar" what were you doing in the quiet years, were you still playing guitar a lot at home? Or were you focusing on other things in your life instead of music? 

Yes I was focusing on other things. Best to see it as a long time rest I needed, after some crazy musical years. Indeed after the “On the wings…” album we did some shows and I needed to focus on other things. I got a job and climb into it till today. It took me some years to reach the job I wanted to do and succeeded in that. I also had a family life, but 4 years ago it went out not so good. I don’t want to go into detail, it’s too personal, but my best friends know and want to keep it this way. Most important is that I needed those years to be a musician again till today. I almost never touched my guitar in those 9 years, and looking back it’s good I did not. All inspiration I kept inside now I used for the upcomming album. A fresh start and in another time. I never thought it would happen again, I also told the other guys, but that’s the most beautiful things in life.

When Asphyx reformed, why did you not join in with the rest your old bandmates? Have you ever thought to yourself since "hmmm..I actually wish I had of joined the reformation now!"? Or have you been happy to just stay on the "sidelines". I must say I think Paul has done a GREAT job in replacing you and emulating your way of playing and the classic Asphyx guitar sound. I know you have travelled with the band to various festivals, and even got onstage with them on played some old songs with them, how does that feel getting back onstage with the band again after so many years? Have you contributed any musical ideas or riffs to the new Asphyx material or do you just maybes give some "advice" and words of (ancient) wisdom?!.

 Well, I was not ready to reformed with the other guys. A lot of things were still happening, and could not focus on music, that’s why I thanked for the inventation to reform again. Afterwards its always easy to reconsider, but at that time I took a decision. I am just happy at the “sidelines”. Asphyx is a oiled machine and I say never change a winning team. Things went this way. I am proud of what the boys do and respect their hard work. That’s why standing at the side-line is fine to me, it matters that the band continuous and perform the true doom/death metal. Sometimes the collective is more important than personal feelings. But I also say, in music nothing is for sure, I am not closing doors, future will decide, on the moment I focus at GSBC, it’s the real music I want to play and makes me happy to work again as an guitar-player, composing, and be part of a band. Paul is doing a great job, I respect him to be my replacement, and as I said before, it all sounds really good and oke, that’s the whole idea. Indeed I travel with them to festivals or club-shows. We are friends and as friends do helping each other out, when I travel along with them, giving a help when needed, no big deal to me. Having a good time and talk I really like. To me it’s the best companionship to be together. Of course digging up old stories together, we spended a lot of time together in the past. Ok in the beginning standing at the side of the stage, it is boilling to pick up that guitar and playing, I think there are not much people who can coop or do the same I do, but the whole feeling is to respect and be proud it continous makes the feeling easier. Asphyx was 11 years part of my life from the morning till I went to bed. I lived for it, and that can’t be erased. I had a great time to play as a special-guest at CM Yardsale in Dortmund 2010. It felt really good after 10 years not on stage. The boys did a great job to let me feel comfortable, and I played the whole show. It tasted good, that good that I will play shows with GSBC later. I made that decision for myself. Playing live I like the most. I did not been involved with the new material, thats up to the current line up. They are good musicians, no need to interfear I will say. Although 3 members are in GSBC, it went out to be 2 very different bands.

When some bands reform they can do a severe injustice to their past musical legacy but I think the Asphyx reformation is a good example of how to reform a band and do it the right way and record new material with integrity! The newer material I think does justice to the classic early- mid 90's material and they stand shoulder to shoulder perfectly with each other. What do you think is the key behind the success of the Ashpyx reformation? What is your personal opinion on the newer material when comparing it to say "The Rack" or "Last One On Earth" for example? 

Sure it is !! The key behind all of this sounds to me it is always true doom/death, heavy, raw, and in your face. No other direction musically, and that deserves respect. Very true to the roots. Unlike other bands leaving their path, or try something different. My personal opion about the new stuff is for sure the much better productions compared in the old days. It sound more mature to me and more complete. I also notice a very big progress in playing, not to say it wasn’t in the early releases but it sounds evolved. On the other hand it fit’s in right in the line of releases. Shortly said, I like it very much, I liked to play the songs from the Death The Brutal Way album…killer riffs and drums pounding like hell. I just listen to it and liked it right away also the new deathhammer album is a killer one. My respects and I am proud the story continues. Keep in mind that the first 2 albums were in a different time-age recorded, the roots of death metal. Those roots I hear back in the new material. If I had some critism I will say it also, but I don’t have at all, so that’s my opinion.

You have decided to become more active again in recent times with a new band called GRAND SUPREME BLOODCOURT which also features some Asphyx members, when did the initial idea for this band come about? How did you go about deciding who you wanted to be involved? I know you have been busy working on your debut album for Century Media, please tell the readers what they can expect from this new band and the first album? I guess with having so many members of Asphyx involved people will automatically draw comparisons between both bands, will that bother you? What do you think sets GSB apart from Asphyx?

 Yess, after some time I started to play again and got the right feeling back with my guitars, tweaked my equipment, bought some nice new stuff and I wrote some riffs, recorded them at my personal tiny virtual studio, and collected numerous riffs. The most of those riffs I sended to the other guys to let them hear what I was doing. They loved it and were thrilled I was back to play music. The idea was to start a project with asphyx members and Theo (HoB) on bass. The project was called “The Company Of Undertakers”, however it never came from ground decent. Bob, Martin and I already wrote, and arranged 2 songs. Those two songs were lift to our new band “Grand Supreme Blood Court”. The idea was to record a mini-album, but in the process inspiration was flowing we decided to go for a full-length. Right now we almost finished the album. Only the vocals has to be recorded by Martin. 10 tracks we did. Concerning the label, it is not definite where we gonna sign. It will be announced which label it’s gonna be. I can’t say anything more about this. It’s in progress. However, the fact that there are asphyx-members playing in this band, I can say people don’t have to expect the asphyx-concept for 100%. It are 2 different bands. GSBC is more basic, raw, downtuned in B, heavy doom/death metal. Of course we have our brands how we play and that will be noticeable, but the whole idea is to separate those 2 bands. It won’t bother me, cause I know the music and production is different. It’s difficult to explain, better is to hear the album when it’s gonna be released. The music will speak for itselves. To me it sounds all fresh, with no pressure to make this album. 

How many songs have you written for this album? Do you have an album title yet? Release date? What made you decide to sign with CM for this band? Were they the first label who took an interest? 

10 tracks are written. We only have work-titles yet. Martin does the lyrics and wrote the concept for the album. The definate album-title as well as the songtitles are in progress. About the release date I can’t say for sure cause we first have to sign a definite contract. But the album sure will be released this year. There were several record-labels interested. On which one we eventually will sign will be announced as soon we have decided and contracts are signed.

Please tell us about the origins of the band name? what was your inspiration for naming the band that? 

It was Martin’s idea and inspiration for the band name. It has a combination between the Grand Jury and the Supreme Court. The whole album will be a concept album telling the sory about the Blood Court, which really exists in history. It reflects perfect the style of music with this concept. Brutal, heavy and to the bone doom/death as we say it. The logo of the band is awesome as well, no modern logo but just a logo fits for death metal.

Do you plan to play /tour in support of the debut album, any shows already confirmed or in the pipeline? 

Well, sure we want to play shows, but first the album has to be finished and of course released. We work in structure, first things first. We already got inventations to play shows, but nothing confirmed for real at this moment. Planning is to do a couple of shows this year, but I looking too far ahead in this one. Our focus is the album right now.

When will people be able to hear some tasters of the music? You describe the music as being "Real Doom/Death Metal". what are some of the influences that fuel and shape this new band of yours? What made you decide to get active again and form a new band? Had it been in boiling in your brain for a little while? What do you hope to achieve with this new band? Can we expect it to be a longer lasting project than Soulburn was? 

That’s up to the record-company we will sign at, as soon the album is mixed and delivered, schedules are made of release the album. Tasters will come along at that time. On the moment I really have no idea when that’s ready. I can’t give a right date, I guess it will be in August/September. Influences that crossed my mind while I was composing, or to be said when I was spitting out the riffs, on an inspiration way. Old Possessed, Slaughter, old Black Sabbath, to say a few. But I never say to myself well let’s compose a riff like this or that band. The process goes natural, what’s inside me to let see a riff the daylight. Yes it was boiling inside me to get started or make a re-start after I find out that life without music is sad to me. So first I had to get the feeling back with my guitars, I played hours and hours till that moment I felt, this is fun, and made me happy again. I missed that a lot after those years. Yes for sure it’s not a one-time album. This one last longer than 1 album, but as I mentioned before the soulburn album was planned for 1 album. GSBC is not for 1 album !. What to achieve, is just spread the true and real doom/death metal.

Lyrically what will the inspiration be for Grand Supreme Bloodcourt? 

The album is gonna be a concept-album about the Blood Court. All lyrics are bounded together for this idea. Martin wrote the whole concept, and what I heared so far it sounds awesome. I am very glad Martin joined with this band, I like his vocals and to me he is the best frontman in death-metal land. As a person we like each other very much we always did also in the past, just being friends who like the brutal stuff as we said. It is too much detail to tell about the lyrics but the main inspiration is that the Blood Court is coming on earth, don’t know where it came from, and will judge everyone inside the court a brutal death. When you are picked out and dragged inside the court you know already going to die. Which way you’re gonna die you don’t know that’s the decision about the grand jury and judges. This is the main inspiration for the album packed in brutal lyrics and of course music.

What is the writing process musically like? Have you been writing all the material at home? Please tell us about the recording process for the album, where has it been recorded? Is the album nearly finished, when can you expect it all to be finished and mixed and ultimately released? 

First I collect the best riffs I made, recorded them at home, and sended to the other guys. Together Bob and I discuss on how a song begins and what kind of song we want to make, like midtempo or doom-like begin of a song. We work that out, and just see how the riffs fits together. On the writing process for this album, Alwin and I did compose a lot together. Most riffs I made however Alwin his ideas and riffs fitted with mine and when I was stuck he filled in exactly. The structure inside the band is very open. Everyone can ventilate their idea’s, it’s not from 1 person only. I like it this way, cause the feeling we all like the definate songs is much more right. The goal is to make the best songs together. Cause I had more time, due to the busy schedules of the other boys, it was natural that I made a lot of riffs. It was relaxed to do so on this way. Alwin has the skills to make demo-songs at home. We played the guitars live in the computer, and he made the songs ready with computer bass and drums, to get the idea of the song and the counts of the riffs. It was fun and thrilled to do so. We did all 10 songs this way, and when we decide the songs are final, we record all songs in studio with the guide of the demo-songs. We recorded at Sonic Assault studio with Frank as engineer, and it was nice to do so. On the moment the album is almost finished, Martin has to do the vocals, and when that’s done, the mixing can begin. We already received 2 songs mixed without vocals to get an idea for the sound, and I must say I am very happy and thrilled with the result. Pounding drums, the guitars are sawing big trees to say, and Theo his bass is awesome. I like the style of playing Theo does, he did a great job and I am very happy he plays in GSBC. So after mxing all goed to the recordcompany, they planning the release ect. Cover-artwork ect. So just a matter of time and patience and this brutal piece of doom/death will see the daylight. After all I must say that I am very happy with this band, the band-members, and all our excitement to play the music we really like.

Will that Soulburn album ever be getting a re-release? I think there would be a lot of demand for it thesedays!

 But than I have great news !. It was re-released in 2009. Re-mastered with better production ,I really like it better than the original, much more in your face sound. And with demo bonus-tracks as well. Like the re-masters of the Asphyx-albums I really like the sound and booklets as well. Great job by Century Media Records. My compliments !.

What are the most proudest and special moments and achievements you have accomplished as a death metal musician? Are there any goals you still want to achieve? Any places in the world that you haven't played yet that you would like to play live with Grand Supreme Bloodcourt? 

The most proud I am was and still am, from the beginning to play in a band and together with Bob we started to shape ASPHYX, of course Bob already knew what kind of music-style it has to be, but it took very hard work and time to achieve this. We did never had lifts from other people we achieved it our own way, pure on our behalves, that’s where I am proud at the most, seeing succes and experience succes by working hard and the big believe to reach it. We had to earn it ourselves, no gifts from anyone, that’s why the succes tasted so good. But we are also down to earth people, not making our heads crazy. Let me say that I have no goals planned for GSBC in this way, it simply can’t planned. Fans have the power to lift you or to break you, that;s why to me they are the most important if you want to spread your music. So that’s the most exciting, just see what’s happening when our music will be released, from that point we can see further. Same fact for playing shows, we just gonna see what’s comming to us for inventations playing shows and where. As I say most important right now is the release of the album, after that, we can go further planning.

If I gave you the choice of only using 5 words in which to describe GSB how would you use those five words?!


When you compare the modern scene to the old scene what things do you miss about the old days? Are there any aspects of the modern metal scene that you particularly dislike?

  That’s a really good question, now-a days it more easy to start a band, get a very shiny and well-done home page, professional like to say, but there are so many bands, its like playing a live show and the audience is filled with musicians, well, sort of say it is very difficult to get to a higher level as a beginning band, the competition is very large, that makes it sort of un-structure and not visible to stand out for good bands, I think record-companies have a rough time to sort out quality bands. However, on the other hand what I see at festivals and live shows, it’s more professional organized, than it was in the eraly days, that’s progress wich makes me happy. I knew the times no fences were in front of the stage, people could stage-diving during the shows, it was more contact with the audience, now adays fences are standard equipment at shows. Well this veteran is from the stone age haha, but I like what I see now adays. I can’t really point some negative dislikes, maybe the fact that I am a cigarette-smoker, and you need a map at an vennue where you can smoke haha, like the old days even smoke at stage.

What is your opinion on the current dutch death metal scene when comparing it to the early-mid 90s, do you take much notice of the newer old school style death metal bands from your country such as Entrapment etc..? 

Well at that early mid 90s a lot of bands formed to play the real death metal, it was different, it was new, now-adays it’s more like playing the old style to pick it up. I have respects for bands who wants to play the vintage style regardless the hype and trend on this moment. I like Nailgun Massacre very much, and Entrapment yes very cool, we saw them live couple of weeks ago and having a good time watching them live. Those bands know the spirit and right feeling to play the true death metal.

If you could tour with ANY bands with GSB then who would you love to hit the road with?  What would be your perfect gig line up?! What have been some memorable bills you have played on in the past? 

Well, that’s not only my decision. The whole band has to be happy and satisfied the bands we play with. There are numerous to mention. The future will tell on which bill we come to play the heavy brutal notes as shows. If I say bands I want to play with, I exclude others which are cool also. In the past when I played in asphyx we played with numerous bands like Entombed, Boltthrower, Benediction, Samael, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Testament ect. Those gigs were memorable, but I also liked playing with less well-known bands. If the atmosphere is good and we can get along, I don’t really care which bands we play with.

To you what should real doom death sound like? I guess aswell as being a fan of the old death metal classics you also listen to Doom bands such as Candlemass etc? What kind of sound and feelings should real doom/death evoke?

 Well, to me real doom/death is playing with the soul and feeling as I mentioned before. Riffs which stay in the mind, and not hasitate to play a riff longer if that one is good. Also not technical shit waved in it, it will damage the structures of the songs. A song made of 3 riffs or 4 is our trademark, if it feels and sounds good, the goal is acchieved. I always have been a fan of bands whom sounds as an collective, such as AC/DC for example. But Electric Wizard I like as well, the old Black Sabbath. That kind of doom I realy like. Candlemass of course the first albums. It breaths an atmosphere I realy like. Soundwise, to me real doom/death has to be huge, massive and heavy, switch between mid tempo and doom is the way. Midtempo has to be raw and sound like a saw-machine. Well just listen when the album will be released and I am 100% sure I am telling no awkward things here.

Ok Eric it has been a pleasure to interview you, please tell us the plans for 2012, and how people can get more info on the band, check out music/websites etc?? the last words are yours! thankyou for your time!. 

Thank you Kat for this monster indepth interview, the pleasure was mine to do this one. Plans for 2012 is to finish the album, get released, and play some shows this year. There is no official stand-alone website, will be in progress. Info and updates are found on Facebook: and contact-adres: Towards our fans I like to say. Take care…stay brutal… and my personal thanks for your eternal support also for the times I was not there. YOU RULE !!!

There is no links to any Grand Supreme Blood Court music yet so here is a couple of videos from Eric's old bands:-