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FOR FANS OF - State Of Fear, Genocide Superstars, Disrupt, Wolfpack
LATEST RELEASE -  "Dårarnas Paradis" (self released (CD) / La Familia (Vinyl)
This band came to my attention completely out of the blue after their
CD was sent to me in a package, I put it on and on first listen I was
instantly hooked and must have repeated the album 3 times in a row
that morning. The band in question is URSUT from Sweden who describe
themselves as a " Raw bulldozer käng punk detonation". The production
on their album is well produced, crisp and powerful but still has a
raw and feral edge and attitude to it and will appeal to those who
like their crust and käng punk with a metallic sharpness to it. I
interrogated Oskar and Mattias to find out more about this new and
exciting band:-
Please give me a quick background history on the band and introduce
the current line up.
O: Started out as a recording session a couple of years ago when me (Oskar) and Rodrigo had Mattias to record 6 songs a sunday in August just before I moved to Portugal for a couple of months. All these were picked up when Mattias asked me what do do with it all and then I said that he should be playing guitar together with me and he had Simon to be part on bass. We managed to get the songs all together and start to play some live shows to begin with a show at the Malmö Hardcore fest 2010. After this we managed to get some more shows done and songs enough for our fullength album "Dårarnas Paradis" which our friend Stachel recently released on his label La Familia releases. We are Mattias, Oskar, Rodrigo and Simon.

M: Yeah I did the recording in 2008, 2 years later I asked why it was just going to collect dust and i wanted to finish it. I added guitars and ideas.

Your debut demo "Dåranas Paradis" was released a little while ago, I must say on first listen it blew me away, very powerful sounding debut album, please tell the readers what they can expect from this album and the music in your own words.
M: Yes, but no. Our demo was released in 2010, this is our debut album. Released on vinyl by La Familia releases ( and on CD by ourselves (

O:Thank you, powerful is a good word I think. To get you a hint of what we're doing, we got back in time a couple of years and managed to record a raw d-beat punk album sung and written in Swedish 90:ies style.

Are you totally satisifed with how it turned out looking back or is
there anything you feel you could have done better, I must say
everything from the drumming to the vocals just sounds furious! How
has the response been to it so far overall?
O: I must say that I'm stoked about the result, really love it raw and furious is the game for sure! As for reading the reviews we've gotten so I must say that the response has been really good. We didn't really know what to expect from this but I'm happy that people are enjoying the record, live wise it's been good as well. Think that we couldn't really ask for any better.

M: I am never satisfied. My vision initially was unpolished, fucked up and angry, maybe it turned out a bit more polished than I thought it would. The response has been great!

Have you got much feedback from outside of Sweden regarding the album/band? How have the reviews been overall?
O: As said before, the reviews has been really good, but since we haven't been able to go touring much so far I can't really say when it comes to the response from abroad. The ones writing about the record has been really nice I think.

M: 99% great reviews. The only bad things I've read is "…to clear sound" "…to polished" "…to much metal" a.s.o.

How did you hook up with the record label? Are you happy with the work they have done for the band thus far? Is a vinyl release planned? How can the readers get hold of your debut album?
O: I know Stachel from Lafamilia releases some from before, and gave him our demo and asked him if he could be interested in releasing the LP, then we released the CD version our selves. As far as this it's been really good with the work, we hope to be able to go to Germany soem more soon which will help the promotion for the record as well, so I think that's good. To get a hold of this you can go to or order from us at eigther our webpage or through

The production is very good, every instrument cuts through perfectly and it is a very crisp and sharp sound, who produced the album and why did you choose that particular studio and producer? Do you plan to collaborate with this studio/producer on the next Ursut release?
O: Thank you very much for the nice words about the sounds and all. The "producer" is Mattias and when recording anything new we will definitely work like this again. Then we have everything done within the band. I think Mattias is amazing with the sound so there's no need to get anyone else doing this. Great I say!

M: Thanx. Great with nice words, I free lance as engineer/producer and I work around in different studios. My studio in Lund is cheap and small. So we never discussed the possibilities to record somewhere else.

Have you written much new material since recording the album? Any
plans for another release yet or is it to early to say?
O: There's not been much new written, but we have new material in our heads for sure. We're planning to do a 7" sometime this year. Would be really nice to follow up with some more new material.

M: Well some new songs are written, these will crush!

Why the name Ursut? Please explain the band name and its meaning to the readers! Your songtitles/lyrics are also totally in Swedish - are you worried that this could possibly limit your audience or does that not concern you? Will you continue to sing totally in Swedish or do you think you might bring in some English lyrics at some point?
O: The name Ursut comes from a famous criminal person who managed to do a lot of spectacular prison break outs in Sweden. This is just a name that we took, and no more to be connected with us or our music or our lyrics. Our songs are written in Swedish only so far, and that might limit our listerners, at the same I think that the music says enough for some listeners, but definitely something in mind. We've been discussing the fact of having some English lyrics as well. Maybe there will be on the following songs we're planning to do.

M: Ioan Ursut crawled out the small ventilation shaft greased in butter. Ioan Ursut was a complete asshole. In our Swedish dialect "Skånska" the name "Ursut" sound really harsh and raw. URRSUT.

How active is Ursut as a live band, do you play live much locally and within Sweden? Have you played outside of the country yet or do you have any plans to play live in other countries/do a tour of somekind? What can people expect from an Ursut live show?
O: We're as active as we can be when being a band consiting of four parents with seven kids in total. We've been on a short Germany trip and will try and get some more shows done, as far as this we've been playing mostly in Sweden, some in Denmark. There will be more for sure! What to expect from a live set from us, most likely that we will try to deliver as much energy as possible. I've enjoyed it all at lot so far and will definitely keep doing so!

What bands shape and influence the sound of Ursut - which bands inspired you to pick up instruments and play this kind of music?
O: Ohh for me I'd say State of fear, Disrupt and Wolfpack. I relly love the raw and brutal stuff like these bands been delivering, I guess there's some more but these to begin with.

M: State of fear, Disrupt, Bastard, Anti Cimex, Bolt Thrower and Eddie Meduza

Lyrically where do you find inspiration to put pen to paper - what are some of the lyrical concepts on the album? And what does the album title mean?
O: Well, there's loads of different things in life giving inspiration of writing lyrics, many of our songs deal with the fact of being parents and how to deal with the responsability you get when having someone else to put all of your focus on instead of only yourself. As the song title "Dårarnas Paradis" kind of "the Fools Paradise" is about sexist men in a consisting society built up on a sick and twisted way of seing them selves as a moral standard and living by the rules cemented on a way of thinking that's only for them. Got some of these ideas by my daily work colleagues, or some of them to be honest. That's just some things that we've been screaming about.

Have any of you been in or currently in other bands/musical projects? If so please tell the readers about them. Your drummer Rodrigo is also in Necrovation if I am not wrong?!!.
O: Well yes we've been playing in a load of other bands before and some still active. Rodrigo who's drumming has a long list of great bands that he's been part of during the years of playing music.

M: Rodrigo is no longer on Necrovation. He is in loads of different bands though, and he is running the fantastic record company, BLOOD HARVEST. Don't miss Necrovation´s latest album "s/t" - Fantastic album; recorded in my studio by the young master GG

Describe Ursut in 5 words only!!.
O: Raw bulldozer käng punk detonation


What is your local scene like? Are there many cool venues to play, what other local bands would you recommend to the readers out there?
O: In Malmö we haven't had a proper venue for D.I.Y. shows for a while, there's some more club like venues but no proper punk places. Have a pizza/pub where we can host shows but there's not been to much of a place that we could call our own in a while. Know there's something on it's way but can't really say what's going on with that. In Lund we have Hemgården, where Mattias works and have the studio, where there's a lot of harrcore shows going. Also a bigger venue but not really a place for us to play that often. Band wise there's loads of great bands, seems like the history of our cities been really good producing good punk music. That's really cool. To mention some there's Lautstürmer, Rhino surgery, Infernöh, Symptom, Terrible Feelings, Atlas Loosing grip and also my other projects Avfart 33 and Crutches. There's a shit load of other great bands for sure!

M: Malmö/Lund just keeps on growing. LOADS of bands, but to few venues. PYRAMIDO, HERÄTYS, INFERNÖH and PRIMITIVE RITES are occupying my ears these days.

What is your current opinion on the Swedish extreme music scene, what other bands do you fell an "affinity" with and also which other
Swedish bands are currently amongst your personal faves?
M: Sweden is a small country, but large music wise. Right now i listen a lot to PYRAMIDO, WATAIN, FREDDIE WADLING and NECROVATION.

What is your current opinion on the Swedish crust/punk/HC scene -how is it locally? Sweden has a rich history of producing some world class punk bands, which Swedish HC/Punk bands are amongst your all time faves?
O: I totally agree with you, we have a really fuckign nice history of making good music in this country, kind of spoiled here I think. get a lot for free jsut for being from here sometimes I can feel. I'd say my fave would be Totalitär. No doubt about it.


What plans do you have for the rest of 2012 and into next year?
O: As said before, we plan to get soem new songs recorded and hopefully released and some more shows done. Other from that there's loads of great things that we'll be able to do with our families which is really great. Summer's here and that's a great time to actually get soem mroe energy and feel good about the whole of all.

the last words are yours -thanks for answering this small interview, please let the readers know what merch you currently have available and where they can check out the bands music or get more info/contact
O: Thank you soo much for taking your time for us! Totally appreciated! And thanx for reading, hope there might be something that got you's interested in us some. We do have our fullength LP/CD Dårarnas Paradis available through our web page or though my distro where you also can find out t-shirts and patches/Backpatches, badges and some more small stuff. contact us via

M: THANK YOU - Have a great late summer!

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