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Here we have another exhumation from my Terrorizer mag website archives, here is a little article I wrote on the band earlier this year.

Just what in the hell are they putting in the water (and beer for that matter!) up there in Sweden? I am convinced some mad scientist is holed up somewhere deep within the suburbs of Stockholm and has extracted DNA swabs from all the members of Autopsy and various members of Entombed and Murder Squad (as well as the rotting corpse of GG Allin in this bands case!) and has been creating mutant bastard death metal offspring and then letting them loose into garages across the east coast of Sweden armed with instruments and an endless supply of strong alcohol, a punk attitude and old Nihilist recordings for inspiration. Yet another killer death metal band has been vomited forth from the sewers of the Swedish underground scene; this week's pick Repuked are a punked up hybrid of all of the bands I have mentioned already with some of Motörhead's rock 'n' roll swagger and some of the punkiness of later DarkThrone as well as nods to Repulsion thrown into this filthy dirty stinking musical mix!
The band started out in 2007 and quickly started making demos, they puked forth their first musical abomination in 2008 titled 'Excremental Funeral', a 5-track affair, which includes an Autopsy cover of 'Fuckdog'. They quickly followed up this with another demo, 'Vomitfilled Baptism', a 6-track affair which includes a Pungent Stench cover.
I want to focus on the band's debut album 'Pervertopia', which was recently unleashed by underground label Soulseller Records (who helped bring Repugnant to the attention of the worldwide underground masses) and which currently seems to be kicking up somewhat of a stink in the underground scene with death metal freaks the world over seemingly lapping up this album like a dog eagerly slurping up the remnants of the dinner it has just ahem... repuked.

This debut album vomits forth 11 tracks of pure filth (with such titled songs as 'I Wanna Puke On You', '...Fucking Something Dead', 'Pervertopia' and 'Orgasmic Death Deliverer'). There is no other word to describe it... it is just dirty, depraved, disgustingly delightful DEATH METAL, from the outrageously tongue-in-cheek, crude songtitles via the killer brutal Chris Reifert-style vocals (A DNA test is definitely required to prove if these guys are actually related or not!!) to the punked-up-as-fuck, old school influenced death metal music that is on display here, just pure stripped-down, punky death, as stripped down as GG Allin onstage at a spoken word show naked and covered in his own faeces hurling abuse at the crowd!.
The band made a very cool and very amusing promo video for the title track as well, which is what first grabbed my attention towards this band. I pressed clicked on that video due to already being very curious about the band and was met with what could only be described as an infectious musical hybrid of Motorhead, GG Allin and DarkThrone having its wicked way in a seedy public toilet in Stockholm with Autopsy, Abscess and Entombed with Death Breath and Murder Squad looking on while drinking beer, laughing deliriously and screaming drunken degrading obscenities in Swedish, with some graphic images added into the visuals, which made me kinda flinch a bit at first, which are mixed into footage of the band playing mostly in what looks like their rehearsal room, but I must have replayed the video 6 times in a row, maybes more actually, you know its kinda like when you drive past a car accident you just can't help looking, then looking again at the carnage that has happened.

So you pretty much know what to expect from this band. The musicians responsible for this killer music go under the amusing monickers of Rob The Slob (vocals and bass), Kinky Stieg (drums and vox), Nicke Piss(guitar and vox) and Richie Rimjob (guitar and vox).
I recently quizzed one of the band members about the bands upcoming plans and this is what he puked up in reply:
“Our current plans, at this very moment is to get shitfaced and have a puke-a-mania! But soon, April 30th we are gonna play with Interment here in Stockholm, its gonna be a riot. And we are looking to get out and play as much as possible, spreading the horror and disease! We are also gonna release a split 7" with Haemophagus and we are also releasing an EP also 7" on Singapore label Slap Bet Records. Plus we are featured on two tribute albums, one Regurgitate and one Impetigo.”
What really is left to be said?! If the above comparisons and descriptions sound appealing to you then go and grab yourself a copy of this album, which has also been released on heavy duty vinyl, which someone described as being “heavy as a grave stone”. Sounds very appropriate!

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