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I came across Sodomizer who hail from Rio De Janeiro in Brazil a few years ago via a friend after he copied me their "The Dead Shall Rise To Kill" album which made a very big impression on me, these not so subtly named Brazilian maniacs have been active since the early 00's and notched up quite a few releases prior to that album, some of those songs from the earlier recordings appeared on a compilation called "More Horror And Death Again" which I also got hold of via the same friend. Sodomizer's music is basically a vicious raging black/thrash/metal attack which to these ears sounds very germanic in places, I guess these guys will have at least a bunch of old Sodom, Kreator and Destruction albums between them in their record collections! There is also nods to the old Brazilian blackthrash legends such as Sarcofago aswell as Venom, Bathory and Necrophagia and such bands, the comparison with the latter being in the very horror/zombie movie influenced lyrics which are a constant theme in the bands songs.
Sodomizer's music very much lives up to the band name...this band just evokes pure horror, evil and darkness!!.

The band are due to hit Europe and also the UK soon, in October for a tour with Italian Black Speed Metallers Sign Of Evil, one of those shows will be a Terrorizer Grindhouse show in Durham City on Monday 10th October @ The Fishtank. They will also be hitting London to aurally sodomize the capitals dedicated extreme black/thrash metalheads so in preparation for this impending live onslaught of bestial devastation I  thought it was a perfect time to make Sodomizer a band of the week/day and send some questions to the bands frontman and bassist/vokillist Leatherface Teles and here is what he had to say about the bands influences, the upcoming European tour amongst other questions I fired at him.

You can catch the band live in the UK on these dates:-
SUNDAY 9TH OCTOBER -BULL AND GATE, KENTISH TOWN with Sign of Evil, Necrosadistic Goat Torture,, Sepuku, Diamanthian
Hails Leatherface! Please give me a quick background info on the band and who plays what currently? 
Leatherface : Hell-o Kat. Sodomizer was formed by Me and My Brother Warlock in 1999, We change the line up sometimes and Sodomizer is now, Me now on bass and vocals, Warlock and Poison Hell on Guitars and Papa Jupiter on the drums. We recorded: 2 tapes: the demo-tape Helkult And Sodomy ( 2003 ) and THE DEAD WALK tape with our demo in side A and one rehershal in side B ( 2005 ), the compilation in More Horror And Death Again ( 2008 ), 3 albuns , Tales Of The Reaper ( 2004 ), The Dead Shall Rise To Kill ( 2007 ) and Jesus is Not Here Today ( 2011 ), 2 splits Sodomizer and Farscape  The Horror Can’t Stop – only in 7’ep vinyl ( 2008 ), Sodomizer and Hellkommander ( 2011 ) – Making The Devil Work( 2011 ).

Your most recent album "Jesus Is Not Here Today" came out this year via Deathrash Armageddon , are you happy with how that turned out? Please tell the readers in your own words what they can expect from your latest album?
Leatherface: Jesus Is Not Here Today, have a better production and we made every with more calm this time. It’s more obscure and speed metal work realesed till now for us. The maniacs will find all elements from our bloody influences and some news things but we never forgot or betray our roots.
Your previous album "The Dead Shall Rise To Kill" is a ripping black thrash attack, what do you think of that album looking back on it now?
Leatherface: Good question, we been very stressed when we wrote this musics and with many angry ( personal problems and a lot of shit with our old label ), and if you listen this album you can see it, The Dead Shall Rise To Kill is our beast, our Frankenstein, a monster unleashed, every is nervous and full of hate in this album, I love this work, its my evil son. Now I can understand when some guys speak about the bad times it’s perect to create some good stuff ( write musics, draw ....). Dark feelings and hate is a great fuel to build musics.

Do you have much new material in the works? When can we expect a new album/release from Sodomizer?Leatherface: A 7’ep Will realese by Horror rec ( 2 songs ). and after a ep, and we have songs ready for a fourth album. The fourth album will be not realese in 2012, we made many thing in 2011, The Dead Shall Rise To kill was realesed in a tape version by Heavy Steel and Jesus is Not Here Today and Making The Devil Work was realesed to in same year. Is good give a time to spread the plague to die hards maniacs, before realese some new stuff in underground.

You are due to hit Europe VERY soon for a tour with Italian black speed metal band Sign of Evil, which countries will this tour take you to? What are your expectations for it?
Leatherface: I wait the best and looking forward to play, meet metal brothers and sisters and make more friends of course, spread our metal nightmares soundtracks. I guess in South America the bands wanna play in Europe and Europes bands wanna play here in South America. We promisse give our Best to show the hell in stage for you maniacs.

You are playing 2 shows in England, have you ever been to England before? What are you expecting from this country? Anything you would like to say to the English metalheads reading this?Leatherface: Will be my first time in England, I Love some writers like Neil Gayman, Alan Moore and bands: Black Sabbath, Saxon, Angel Witch, Carcass,Demon and others taletous artist. In my opinion the most crazies bands, writers and others artists came from your land and Jack the Ripper is a legend here and in whole world, I finished a book about Jack The Ripper and your writer Paul Roland is a great musician too.

What bands fuel and shape the sound of Sodomizer?
Leatherface: Exorcist, Piledriver, Black Sabbath, Goblin, Sarcófago, Master’s Hammer, Bathory, Movies like: The Hills Have Eyes, The Beyond, City Of Living Dead, Zombie, Dawn Of The Dead, Mangue Negro, horribles acts from Richard Ramirez, Charles Manson, Jefrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Zodiac and Porn Sukubus like Belladonna, Tory Lane, Katsuni Lisa Ann, Joanna Angel and many others.

lyrically where do you draw inspiration from?
Leatherface: Horror movies and some dark stuff like Satanic Bible, Marquis de Sade, Stephen King ( GOD ), Clive Barker, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, H.P. Lovecraft, stuff  from directors like Lucio Fulci, Mario Bava, Dario Argento, George Romero, Rodrigo Aragão, Miike Takashi... and porn movies hardcores ( Burning Angel from Joanna Angel Rules ).

I know your are also in Hellkommander, what is up with that band right now? Please tell the readers about this band.
Leatherface: Hellkommander is my other band of raw death metal, Hellkommander is: me on bass player, Poison Hell on guitars and Vox and Adrameleck on drums. Hellkommander is ungly, bad, primitive, raw, evil, and this is the best words that I can describe our noise. We have one album re-realese in cd now by EBM rec. Death To My Enemies with some bonus and a new art and etc, ( realesed by Dark Sun in cd and LP by High Holler rec and Iron Bone Head rec ), now the split with Sodomizer, wait for our second album Hell Is More Beautiful Than Heaven.

  What is the local scene like where you live? Any local bands or Brazilian bands you would like to recommend to the readers?
: In my state total shit, in others states better like São Paulo. The problem here is simple, We Don’t Have serious shows productors, We don’t Have good metal points and we don’t have zines, good metal magazines, metal stores... ,Rio De Janeiro suchs to metal, is sad say it but is the truth, we had a strong metal underground scene some years ago but now is pure bullshit, Yes we have some goods bands but only bands don’t make a underground scene. The thing is better to mainstream bands, but talking about underground this is crap. I like Farscape and Diabolic Force, some old stuff like Dorsal Atlântica, Explicit Hate, Genetic Deformation, Endoparasites. How can people get hold of Sodomizer releases and mercandise?Leatherface: With us in or with our labels ,

What are your plans with Sodomizer after the European tour?
Leatherface: Record new stuff, with Sodomizer and Hellkommander, spread it like a plague, play here and back to europe more soon possible, we never stop, NEVER. The final words are yours! Thanks for answering this short interview! Europe awaits you!Leatherface: THANX A LOT KAT. FOR HELP FRIENDSHIP METAL SISTER, SEE YOU SOON AND ALL FREAK MANIACS DIEHARDS HELLBANGERS IN EUROPE TOO. METAL AND HORROR FOREVER ...666!!!!

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  1. Satanic Brazilian guys showing that there is very good metal in Brazil, and not only samba. I hope to see their performance in this eurotour, which will certainly be the first of many.

    666 to all of you.

    Leatherface is the omen of Cachambi-Rio de Janeiro