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 Legendary American Horror Death Metallers DECEASED... recently returned to the scene with a brand new album titled "Surreal Overdose" on their own "Shrieks From The Hearse" label, a classic Deceased album in every aspect to my ears and proves that the band 20+ years down the line are still hungry and inspired as ever and firing on all cylinders. I recently interviewed mainman, drummer, vokillist and all round mighty metal beast King Fowley and here is what he had to say:-

Hail King! Ok please give those unfamiliar with Deceased a brief background history and a run down on who plays what!?

KING:-Well we've been a band now for 26 years. started this all in 1985. done many a demo tape and many a record through the years. current studio line up is Les Snyder bass, Mike Smith guitar, Shane Fuegal guitar and me on drums and vocals. Live we have a different line up due to work and time restraints. Gotta keep it going on the live front!!!

Deceased.... has been around for a lot of years and you have a few albums under your belt, which of these albums stand out personally for you and why?!. 
KING:-My fave is 'Supernatural Addiction' seems to for me be the record where all ideas came into full. The music matched the lyrics and the aura was right with it. All of the records have a meaning and memory to them. This is just the one for me that tops the list.

You have just unleashed a new album "Surreal Overdose" upon the metal scene, which you released on your own "Shrieks From The Hearse" label. Why did you decide to self release it? Have you made deals with any labels to help with distribution for this release? 

KING:-We're very happy to do things ourselves. After 26 years in the underground music scene we should be able to move things ourselves, no headaches or hassles, like in the past with Relapse records, just things done our way. Patac records has helped us out in the states and many distros and good people have helped as well! we're very happy!!!!! 
Please tell the readers a bit about the new album in your own words, what can they expect from it?

KING:-It's a very speedy record. we were in that mood this time around. detailed songs that to us are memorable yet ferocious at the same time, we try to incorporate the right doses of speed, heaviness, melody and weirdness to make the perfect ugly stew. it's well produced with a good sound, no 'tricks' just 4 guys playing their hearts out over a morbid background. it's 110% still Deceased! 
How has the overall response to the new album been so far, selling well?

KING:-Getting a great response so far. lots of folks very happy with the finished product., as a band we are too, and that's most important to us. we write for ourselves and if people dig it then it's a bonus. It's selling real good. moved a few thousand so far. that's fine and dandy!!! thanks to all who've supported the record.
In the long history of Deceased... what have the overall highs and lows been?! What has kept you going all these years?! 

KING:-We've had so many ups and downs. from getting our first album out as a high to the death of our origin bassist Rob in a hit n run accident as a low. health issues with me in the early 2000's to playing overseas at the Wacken fest to thousands, its give and take in the world and I/we understand that. life is what it is. you gotta take it all in stride. sincerity and dedication drive me. i'm never fulfilled. I've got 25 more years in me to do this at least. it's my life. it's what I do. the love of music keeps the energy.

What bands would you say have shaped the sound of Deceased... have your influences changed much throughout the years or is it basically the same bands that influenced you originally that are still fueling your sound?

 KING:-I love so many bands for so many reasons. Kiss, Sabbath, Maiden started the fire and bands like Voivod, early Slayer, Mercyful Fate freaked it out. yes I still love what I love. all the old classics still take up most of my ear time. can't get enough of the 80's metal stuff! we use anything and everything we hear in some way to twist our sound into it's own.

I have always been a big fan of your horror story style lyrics, what are the biggest inspirations for your lyric writing?

KING:- Poe! I love his works, so odd and lunatic, really cool stuff. Outside of that it's more imagination, reality, and all the horror films I've taken in over the last 35 years that makes up the lyrical ideas with Deceased. 
It's been 20 years since your classic debut album "Luck of the Corpse" was released, that album cover still creeps the fuck out of me, where did you get it from?! 

KING:- It's a screen clip taken from the movie 'Black Sabbath'. Mario Bava did an anthology in 1964 and the story 'a drop of water' always stood out to me as so haunting. everyone was doing the Dan Seagrave art at the time and we wanted our own identity, so we went with a snap shot taken off the t.v of the film.  

I know you have some live shows planned for this year, where can people see you live in 2011? Any plans to tour Europe?! 

KING:- Mostly east coast North America this year of 2011. 2012 we plan to do a european tour. we gotta get the right promoters involved. anyone reading this that can help get in touch. it's longgggggg overdue. Trying to bring the cadavers across the water!!!

You have also been involved with Doomstone and October 31, what is the current status of both bands right now, any new releases on the horizon? 

KING:- Doomstone sits in limbo right now,  just no time to better that band, October 31 is working on a new record and hope to record it this year. everyone is so busy with their projects that finding the time that works for all is tough. We will be doing a metal fest in Baltimore in october with Bitch, Destructor, Midnight and a few others.
What have you got planned for the future, where can people pick up your CD and merch? the last words are yours King!! 

KING:-Gigging, a dvd of our history, working on our next studio record. The cd is available through various distros worldwide and at our website . thanks a million for the support Kat, cheers to everyone reading! up the tombstones!!!!!

Deceased were also recently my band of the week on the TERRORIZER MAGAZINE website:-

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